GTA 6: Crucial Things Besides Gameplay Features And Rumors!

GTA 6: Crucial Things Besides Gameplay Features And Rumors!


GTA 6 is coming close to its fans. And everyone is pursuing more details about the games. Because the rumors that are revolving around social media increases the fan’s eagerness. Here I will tell you sure details about the game that you should know before having the game in your hands.

Expected Release Date

However, the release date of GTA 6 requires more time to announce. But it is getting not too much late. Because it will surely coming out at the start of 2020.


Moreover, it is reporting that GTA 6 has to contain Micro-transactions in it. And this is a great step by the creators of the game. In this way, the fans will purchase some good and virtual things in GTA 6. This is a good invention in GTA 6. As many other popular games like PUBG has such Micro-transactions in it.

Crucial Online features

While playing games online has its own joy and players are happy to have this online playing features of the game. Therefore, GTA 6 this time has more crucial online features. As fans find much excitement when they connect each other through the net.


Heists are considered as a major feature in games like GTA. Because these can expand the games activities and features more violently. However, it will work more accurately for the game and it will add in GTA 6.

Race Wars

Race Wars are also foremost features that will turn the game totally. Because fans getting more fun while making the race. And it will give more adventure while racing in the car games.

Real Estate

Although the fans are expecting more real estate with high resolution. However, the stirring and beautiful buildings in the games are always inspiring the game players very much. Therefore, GTA 6 will have much beautiful buildings and estates in it which will have a separate excitement for the fans.

Platforms of Release

The GTA 6 can play on a versatile platform of very innovative natures. And fans can play it on Xbox 2 and Play Station 5. But one thing which will dishearten the fans that the game can play on PS 5 only for a period month.


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