Cat Makeup Tutorials Make the Most Vital #Halloween Costume Way Less Boring

halloween cat makeup 2018
Image Source: Youtube

The 31st of October is coming up with a great glam. Every year people try to make some classy and chic outfit that differ them from others at Halloween. It’s good to be a four-legged partner with a pair of ear this year. You can add more certainty in your Halloween costume with the Halloween makeup look.

Here are some exclusive ideas to be a four-legged kitty partner at Halloween night. These cat makeup tutorials make you able to set a pair of ears to make your Halloween costume grade up at the party.

Sexy Feline

Video Source: Youtube Tiana Cosmetics

It’s good to build a sexy feline look at Halloween with golden colored hair and sharp-edge eye makeup.

Glamour Puss

Be a glamour puss having hooded eyes and with slight mature skin and the long black feathery pair of ears.

Snow leopard

This makeup look has a classy style and solid impression on your friends at Halloween.

Scratched leopard

It contains wounded effect like creepy Halloween makeup. Leopard looks more ghostly and dangerous with the scratch on the face at Halloween.

Scary Cheshire Cat

Get in the spirit of Halloween with this Scary Cheshire cat look at Halloween to convert yourself into a terrifying cat like spooky makeup.

Glam Leopard

Add enthusiasm to your Halloween costume by applying such a nice leopard look with bright eye makeup. You could have set the gel liquid liner with a black eyeshadow.

Sexy Cat

Wearing a sexy costume is not enough until it carries by an alluring sexy makeup look. Be the pin-up of the Halloween and try sexy cat makeup this year.

Tiger Kitty

It is an incredible idea that can make your Halloween more adventurous by adding thrill in it. Tiger kitty makeup look is more dangerous than the great Halloween makeup ideas.

Black Cat

This is a super cute and easy to achieve black cat Halloween look. just wear a black suit and make some wild heavy eyebrows to look like a wildcat.

Grumpy Cat

You shouldn’t have to buy anything new to make this look. Simply wear ALL BLACK, do your hair in piggy buns and create this makeup look with simple and easy steps.



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