House Panel in Kerala Wants More State-run Old Age Homes

old age home
Image Credit: Prudhvi Simha Group

For the Welfare of Senior Citizens, the Assembly Committee has proposed to set up more old age homes that should be run by the state. The chairman of the committee, C K Nanu has submitted the proposal to the Government.

On Wednesday, C K Nanu submitted the 2nd report of the committee and said that the Government should also consider to setup monitoring committee as well which can do the assessment of the services provided to the senior citizens.

In the report submitted to the committee, CK Nanu proposed some more recommendations to protect the rights of senior citizens. He said that we should impose a fine of rupees 100 to 500 on those who travel in the buses and occupies the reserved seats for the senior citizens. He further recommended that a strict action should be taken against the conductors who don’t act against those passengers who occupy the reserved seats for seniors.

He said that there is an ongoing debate on the advantages and disadvantages of old age homes in the society, but the government should create more awareness among the people about establishing more Elderly care homes as India requires establishing a lot more homes for senior citizens.

According to the census 2014, there are more than 15 million elderly Indians who are living all alone and there are only 728 old age homes in India out of which, only 325 old age homes are free of cost. So, it is a high time to establish state-run homes for old age people.

CK Nanu also proposed to appoint promoters who will spread the awareness among the senior citizens about their rights and various social welfare program and these promoters will work under the Social Justice Department.

He proposed that these promoters will work on ward-level and will also create awareness among the senior citizens about the Maintenance and Welfare of Senior Citizens Act 2007.



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