How Businesses Can Motivate Customers to Shop Online

motivate customers to shop online

Online shopping has become increasingly popular even before the global pandemic hit the world. But, the pandemic has forced even those who prefer in-person shopping to switch their preferences. Shopping online and opting for curbside pickup or home delivery is the safer option to avoid physical contact with people and maintain social distancing. But, not everyone is on board with the online shopping process. In some cases, people are bothered about how long the process is or afraid they will lose out on good deals. Here are some steps businesses can take to motivate customers to shop online.

Introduce a Customer Loyalty Program

By introducing a customer loyalty program that allows an individual to use a loyalty card for online purchases, they may feel that in-store connection and feel more comfortable with the process. If a business chooses to do that, they will need to find a reliable ID printer that can produce a card tailored to each customer. 

Loyalty cards are a great way to strengthen relationships with customers while also convincing them to shop online more. The loyalty cards could have a points or discount system similar to how they would if the customers made the purchases in-store. This method will also boost sales and create a consistent customer base.

Provide Faster Delivery Options

One of the reasons online shopping may not be appealing is the wait time. While some companies do have various delivery options, sometimes they may cost more. If the loyalty card allows the customer to receive faster delivery, they might like the process more since it would have various perks.

A business may need to consider introducing new training methods to increase workplace efficiency to speed up the delivery process. In some cases, the company may require outsourcing fulfillment.  

Give Free Samples

Who doesn’t love receiving free stuff? Sending out a small sample product to every customer with their purchase enables them to try out something new without spending any money on it. This may establish a good connection between the company and customers. Customers may also like the sample item and order more of that item in the future, increasing sales.

Run a Social Media Competition 

The key here is to have a fun, friendly competition. The competition should be purposeful to your brand and catered to your needs. You could hold a contest that requires customers to share a creative picture of a product. Alternatively, the competition could require sharing a post created by your company so that it receives exposure. Either way, social media competition enables the company to reach a wider audience without spending too much on advertisements.

Offer Promo Codes

Creating promotional codes that only apply to online purchases can also encourage customers to shop online. When customers notice that there is a benefit of choosing the online option, they will favour it more. The codes could require a minimum purchase to avoid losses and boost company sales. However, customers are still benefited since they are receiving a lower price.

Some customers may be accustomed to the traditional methods of shopping. However, providing them with different incentives may motivate them to switch to online shopping.


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