The convenience of bail bonds makes it a choice over cash for availing bail


To get out of jail after an arrest, the accused person must avail bail. Soon after the arrest, the person must appear before a judge who sets the bail amount, but it might take a day to complete the process. Since people are anxious to get out of jail at the earliest opportunity, many jails have standard bail schedules that indicate the bail amount for common crimes. It depends on the nature of criminal charges faced by the person that decides whether bail schedules would be applicable or only the judge can set the bail amount.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          However, availing bail is a legal right of the accused person because arresting the person is only a step to enforce the legal system and make the person liable for abiding by the law. The law is very clear that every person is innocent unless proved guilty, and bail only upholds the principle. Also, the convenience of bail bonds makes it a preferred choice over paying cash. 

Paying for bail by cash

The procedure for furnishing bail consists of making full payment of the bail amount by cash to the court and then securing the arrested person’s release. The money paid to the court acts as a guarantee that the person will follow the legal process in due course, and at the same time, it acts as a deterrent from indulging in new crimes. If the suspect feels that the bail amount is unaffordable, they can request the judge lower it. The procedure can vary between the states but will necessitate a special bail hearing or during arraignment meaning the suspect’s first appearance in court.   

Conditions for cash payment

Besides following the laid down procedure for making cash payment for bail, the payee, whether it is the accused person or some representative, must prove to the court that the funds used for making the payment are legitimate. It is never an easy task and takes time, defeating the purpose of availing bail for quick release from jail.  Moreover, cash payment is never a viable option for high bail amounts that can run into thousands of dollars. For common crimes in which the bail amount is fixed as per bail schedules, it is often more affordable to pay cash, provided there is no problem proving the legitimacy of the funds. If the court finds that it is ill-gotten money, it will only compound the problems and delay the arrested person’s release.

Bonds are a better option

To avoid the complexities and difficulties of paying cash for bail, furnishing Castle Bail Bonds Cincinnati, Ohio, is more convenient. Bonds are available from a bond agency with a license for operating the business of furnishing bail bonds to accused persons for seeking their immediate release from jail. The bail bondsman or agency charges about 10% of the bail amount to complete the procedure speedily and ensure the person’s release from custody. 

The bail bond agency represents the accused person. It takes the responsibility of ensuring that the accused will follow bail conditions in word and spirit and appear in the court for trial. 



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