How The Telehealth Experience Compares To Urgent Care And The ER

Telehealth Experience Compares To Urgent Care And The ER

Although there are several ways to access high-quality healthcare, many people choose to go to the emergency room for minor or non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries as well. However, a trip to the emergency care ward has a huge price tag. In addition, there are other people to think of who are suffering from life-threatening medical conditions and are in much greater need of the emergency care ward.

Although it is sometimes necessary for you to visit the ER, in many cases, alternative solutions like urgent care or telehealth can be more than adequate and can cost you less time and money.

Let us find out where you need to go when faced with a medical condition.


Telehealth services use simple technology like your smartphone or computer to connect patients with online doctors to get consultations from the safety and comfort of your home and are fast becoming a very popular method of getting treatment for non-urgent medical conditions.

A virtual doctor can diagnose, treat, and manage a wide variety of conditions that people often go to the ER and urgent care for, like flu, bladder infections, minor burns, wounds, etc. These illnesses do not require an in-person examination, which is why telehealth is the perfect mode for dispensing medical care for them.

In addition, telehealth services also prevent people from crowding hospitals and staying in the comfort and safety of their homes.


Telehealth is a very cost-effective method for getting quality healthcare since it diverts people away from more expensive facilities like hospitals and clinics. At TelMDCare, we can set up an online consultation with you for just $39.


Patients can access telehealth services from anywhere – whether they are at home, riding on a bus, waiting at a hotel lounge, or anywhere else. It is a very convenient option since it eliminates the cost of traveling and reduces the risk of spreading the illness. It also provides access to quality medical care for people who live in rural or remote areas. 

Additionally, it offers on-demand, instantaneous care without long wait times and high costs. At TelMDCare, we offer consultations with board-certified doctors via chat, phone, or video call 24/7 days.

When to Use

Telemedicine services are beneficial options for people who require non-urgent care for illnesses and injuries or when they are unable to make it to a physical clinic. Medical conditions that can be diagnosed and managed through telehealth services include allergies, common infections, flu, colds, cough, sore throats, small wounds and cuts, headaches and migraines, minor to moderate illnesses, and non-urgent medical conditions that can be diagnosed visually.

Urgent Care

Urgent care is fast care for injuries and illnesses that might be severe but are non-life-threatening. Urgent care facilities are available in a lot of places and are more cost-effective and convenient options than the emergency room.

Urgent care facilities provide access to in-person consultations with a doctor and allow physical interactions like making stitches on a cut.


An urgent care facility has costs that are considerably lower than that of the ER. Typically, you will pay for the cost of consultation, plus any additional treatments, tests, or services that you need. For people who have health insurance, an urgent care visit can cost anywhere between $25 to $75.


In the United States, there are more than 7000 urgent care centers, which offer improved access to people in all areas. As such, urgent care centers are typically closer to your home than the local ER or hospital and have qualified medical professionals who can treat you on an immediate basis and discharge you within an hour, as compared to the four hours it takes to be discharged from an ER.

When to Use

If you have a non-life-threatening injury or disease which requires urgent care, then you should forego the ER in favor of urgent care. This is a far more convenient and accessible option than going to a hospital or even to your primary physician. Some common medical issues that urgent care centers treat include bladder infections, insect bites, sprains, minor fractures, minor cuts and lacerations, and allergic reactions.

Emergency Room

Emergency rooms should be your foremost choice when you have life-threatening ailments.


 Emergency room costs are based on various factors, including whether or not you have health insurance. In general, the average copay for an ER visit is around $50 to$100. Aside from that, an ER visit can cost you anywhere from $150 to several thousand dollars, with or without health insurance. In fact, the ambulance ride alone can rack up about $1000 in costs.


Emergency rooms are open 24/7, unlike urgent care, which is only open during specific daytime hours. Most hospitals near you will have an emergency care ward.

When to Use

The main difference between an ER and an urgent care is the urgency and severity of the health issue. It is important that you visit the ER when you have life-threatening conditions like a severe allergic reaction, including anaphylaxis, severe or multiple fractures, internal bleeding, deep wounds, or conditions like stroke or heart attack.

Bottom Line

If you or your loved one are experiencing mild to moderate health concerns, then an appointment with a telemedicine doctor online may be the right choice for you. At TelMDCare, we have partnered with and are covered by various health insurance providers. We also cater to people who do not have health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid or do not have access to quality healthcare.

Telehealth can help individuals who live in remote places or cannot afford the expense of conveyance to receive medical attention with the help of a cellphone and an internet connection. Our sign-up process is easy and quick. Each consultation costs only $39, and there are no hidden fees and no membership requirements.

Contact us today for your acute health needs.

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