How to Afford a Lifestyle You Didn’t Think You Could Live


The demands of life can easily max out your calendar and your wallet. Between standard expenses, costly surprises, and inflation, even those with above average salaries quickly feel the financial pinch. 

If you want the most out of life but didn’t inherit a limitless bankroll, your lifestyle choices can feel uninspiring. However, there’s more to life than work and obligations, so it’s fair to want to fill your off-hours with fun. And there are ways of experiencing the lifestyle you want without sacrificing your financial stability now or in the future.

1. Experience More of the World For Less

The idea of a vacation home is just dreamy. When you do the math on buying a second home, it’s clear why the idea stays in dream state. Taking on the expense of a second mortgage, maintenance, and expenses is cost-prohibitive for most people. And while booking a home rental gives you the feel of a private residence, it’s not quite the same. 

Those with the means to purchase a second home can reap rewards far beyond a convenient vacation locale. Owners can split their time between homes, enhancing their lifestyle and even opening up career options. They can make their home available for vacation renters, which can reduce their overall investment and offer tax breaks. 

However, this luxury move doesn’t have to be out of reach thanks to the option of home co-ownership. Consider entering into an agreement with partners with similar goals in mind. In your agreement, you can outline a use schedule, maintenance obligation, and payout terms. Everyone shares the responsibility and benefits of ownership at a fraction of the price. Depending on your ownership group size, you can even have a stake in more than one property.

2. Express Yourself Without Going Broke

Fashion is one of the most universal ways humans express themselves. And even if you don’t consider yourself a fashionista, you want to look your best wherever you are. Plus, your outward appearance sets the stage for how others see you and even how you feel. A quick trip to the mall to replace a well-worn pair of jeans can leave you with sticker-shock.

The impacts of fast fashion and social media have made it tough — and expensive — to keep up with trends. Generally, accessibly priced clothing isn’t as well-made as it was decades ago, which increases its cost-per-wear. Even if you’re willing to invest in staples like a leather bag or well-structured blazer, costs add up quickly. But you don’t have to sacrifice style or your credit limit at the altar of fashion. 

Check out the wide variety of fashion rental sites to flesh out your wardrobe for any occasion. Those whose workplace demands a constant churn of high-quality attire can leverage their fashion subscription to bolster their look. Rent a designer gown for less than a fast-fashion find and get a backup in case sizing is off. With fashion rental, you can refresh your look, save money, and even reduce wasteful consumption. 

3. Immerse Yourself in Arts and Culture

Chances are, you’ve got a constant social media stream of the who, what, and where that’s happening in your city. And if you’re someone who enjoys experiencing art, culture, and culinary mastery, it’s easy to feel sidelined by the cost. But there are ways to access the best of cultural experience that don’t require an engraved invitation. 

First, get in the know of what’s going on within the arts and culture circles that interest you. Then, make connections with organizations, communities, and their supporters that get you on the inside. Consider volunteering for a museum committee, which can both support the arts and get you access to coveted experiences. You’ll also meet others with shared interest and new access to events and opportunities that interest you. Plus, sharing your time and talents can make a positive impact on programming for you and others to enjoy. 

Connect with your local arts council and keep an eye on free or reduced price gallery openings and events. Many communities host “First Friday” events where artists display new collections and galleries offer complimentary refreshments. These can make for a cost-efficient night out and a way to meet new people. Similarly, add festivals to your calendar and enjoy unique dining, art, and performance at a fraction of the cost. Use this strategy while traveling and you’ll have a more unique experience than the standard tourist. 

Build a Lifestyle That Reflects Your Personality

There may be stereotypical markers of success, but what truly matters is your satisfaction with your life. Some may be thrilled to live off the grid, immersed in nature, and alone. Others may strive for a jam-packed schedule of glitz, glam, and pampering. Wherever you land on the lifestyle spectrum, keep close tabs on where your true desires lay. 

Consider the present-day and future outlook of your lifestyle goals, weighing the benefits between them. While you should always enjoy experiences in the moment, make measured decisions that put you in the best future position. Take advantage of strategies like co-ownership, services like rentals, and cost-efficient ways to access the best of life. Soon, you’ll be living the lifestyle of your dreams, no matter your vocation, location, or net worth. 


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