How to Best Optimize a Landing Page

Optimize a Landing Page

Getting visitors to your landing page is only half the battle. Once they arrive, you’ll need to entice them to consume your content and take action. Knowing more about utilizing elements on your page should help make it more efficient to boost conversions. (

User-Friendly Design

Including a clean, trustworthy and professional design that’s attractive and associated with your branding should help keep them on your page. Limiting the number of elements a visitor sees by using a simple design and landing page builder makes it more straightforward to complete. According to Kajabi, “Even the most simple landing page is a step in your customer’s journey.” Focusing on the following aspects and changing only one of them at a time should be beneficial and offer the best results:

CTA Text and Buttons

Clearly articulating what’s being offered can be done by testing different call to action text and buttons with a landing page builder. Keeping your text straightforward is also helpful. For example, call to action phrases such as, “Join Now,” “Pick Up Here” or “Click to Download” are both simple and effective.

Headlines and Copy

Making sure your headlines and copy resonate with your target audience is critical. Introducing a strong headline associated with your ad text and PPC keyword helps maintain consistency. Providing cues to your visitors through your copy can reveal what’s offered and guide them through the steps you want them to take. Improving the conversions of your landing page can be done quickly by swapping out different headlines. You can also try changing up the copy to see if you can improve your results.

Landing Page Visuals

Visuals can be highly influential and make your visitors feel different types of emotions, but most importantly, they can aid in increasing your conversions. Using a landing page builder and implementing images associated with your message can help amplify your offer and capture attention. Not to mention, they are fast loading, which is a vital factor when you want to create a great user experience. Here are some examples you can use to help boost your message visually:

– Use Images of People: Using a person with the same demographics may help create an association.

– Portray an Emotion: Include a person smiling, looking surprised or frustrated to portray your message.

– Capture Attention: Using a model or an attractive person can grab attention quickly.

– Show a Product in Use: This can help you show how a product works.

– Show a Product by Itself: Letting your product speak for itself can portray its unique features.

Trying Different Form Lengths

Another factor you might want to optimize on your landing page is the length of your copy. Qualifying leads may require you to use a longer form. While having a longer form can result in fewer leads, those leads are typically more qualified, which can be helpful if you’re selling an expensive service or product.

Keep Testing

Evaluating your data and continuing to test different elements of your landing page one at a time should help create an improvement in conversions. It might be quicker and more efficient to accomplish this task by utilizing a landing page builder. Take what you learn after each test and redesign one element to see if you can improve your conversion rate.

Improving your landing page should be done slowly and patiently. Give yourself a specific period to collect enough data after changing one of the elements on your page. Doing so should help make it easier to collect the right type of data and reach your goals.


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