How To get Clients Through Guest Posting

Guest Blogging

Guest post services is a popular way to get earn the trust of your target audience and grab the attention of potential customers. 

Through guest blogging, you can increase your visibility and establish credibility. 

However, not every guest post will get you clients.

That means that to get the desired result you need to have a well-designed plan, need to focus on what clients want to read and finally choose the right topic.

Guest Blogging

So, in other words, if the guest posting is done in the right way, you can get clients. Here, is a four-step method that you can use to get clients through guest posting.

Step 1: Choosing the right blog

Any expert will tell you that if you choose the wrong website then no matter how great your guest post’s content is, it will not earn you the desired result and all your hard work will go down the drain. 

So, while choosing a website for your guest post, be careful to choose the relevant one. You can always take help in your effort through white hat link building services by Degions. Relevant sites mean the site is large enough to earn you enough visitors and relevant for your purpose. 

For example: 

If you want to market your website designing to get clients, do you think it’s a good idea to start writing for web-designing related blogs?

Of course not, because the audience of the blog is web-designers themselves, then why will they hire another web designer. 

Even if they do so, they will probably hire the owner of the site you guested on because they are more familiar with his style and trust him more.

So if you post in any such blogs you will never get a client. 

It goes the same for other professionals in every manual blogger outreach, whether you are a business writer or a health writer, you need to be very particular while making a choice of your target blog.

So, in a nutshell, the ‘relevant blog’ means the blog that contains your target audience and not the one that offers the same kind of services as you do.

Step2:  Drafting a killer content

Again it’s the most common suggestion for every blogger no matter if you write for your own blog or for guest posting, the quality of content always matters.

Writing a killer content does not mean writing content using a very high standard English which uses difficult words and phrases. 

On the contrary, it can turn to your disadvantage. When you write in difficult-to-understand language, the readers leave your article in no time increasing your bounce off rate.

An article becomes outstanding when can you provide proof to back up your statement. That means including practical data, research and case studies. The readers are more likely to believe you when you do so. 

Whenever you are explaining something which is a bit tougher, try to add some easy examples. This way your reader can understand what you are trying to say. 

 Moreover, the article should provide information that is useful and unique. That means don’t keep on mentioning all those points that have already been mentioned a number of times by other bloggers. 

Research thoroughly so that you can provide new findings in your article.

This means you need to spend a sufficient amount of time to cook up an article that is up to the mark and can grab the attention of the readers in no time.

Good Writing

Step 3: Pitching your services in your bio

No matter how great your article is, you cannot expect your client to know automatically that you are a professional web designer and can be hired by them.

Suppose you wrote quite a nice blog related to web designing and posted it on another website as a guest blogger but didn’t mention in your bio that you are a professional expert or any other details. you waited for long to get clients but the result was not what you waited for. The reason can be the readers, even though wanted a professional web designer for their business and was quite impressed by your content, failed to realize that you provide professional services. Hopefully, you don’t want this to happen.

About Me

So, it is important to mention your experience, what services you provide, how can you help the interested parties in their business and that you can be hired in your bio.

Step 4: Keep on repeating

The approach of guest posting can be effective but this is not mandatory that you will get clients from every guest post you write. Several factors come into play which determining the number of clients who will approach you while most two important factors are always the relevancy of your target sites and the quality of your content. This way you can build your authority as well.

But you have to keep on pushing the possibility by posting a significant number of guest posts. At least you should publish 10 guest posts and get a significant number of people to visit your ‘hire me’ page.


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