How To Get Featured On A Music Blog


Music promotion is the name of the game, and you want to put yourself out there in front of as many eyeballs and ears as possible. One way to do that is to get featured on music blogs. Music blogs are literally for the sole purpose of music discovery and advertising. They are designed by music lovers, run by music lovers for, you guessed it, music lovers.

So how do you earn promotions on music blogs?

Music marketing is a puzzle, and the pieces need to be laid in a specific order. For instance, it’s impossible to get on a Spotify editorial playlist until you’ve had some excellent press. You cant get excellent press unless you have a decent number of people talking about you. People won’t talk about you if your music is rubbish. You can’t record good music in your basement through your grandad’s microphone. You cant record good music if you’re a terrible player. And so on, I think I’ve made my point.

Write a press release

A press release is a way of presenting yourself to journalists. It needs to include all relevant info about you and the other personalities in the band. It should have an image of you and the title of the track. The release date, a handful of show dates, genre, age, location. They want to know who you are and where you’re going. Keep it brief and to the point.

The email

Pop your press release into the email and ensure the file size isn’t too large. You don’t want to clog up the blog’s email, they will just delete it.

Now write the pitch. Find an angle to sell yourself in the first sentence, and be polite.

Put a private Soundcloud link into the email. That is vital. You can monitor the attention the track gets. If it’s being listened to, but you aren’t getting any replies then either you’re approaching the wrong blogs, or the quality isn’t the greatest. Don’t quit if this is the case. You just need to try harder.

Now you need to ask them what you want, whether that be an interview, a shout out or to feature on their playlist. I’ll repeat what I said earlier, be polite.

Target the correct blogs

Do your research and figure out which blogs like to feature the music you are offering. Don’t send your rap song to a death metal blog they will just laugh at you. Make a list and keep track of who you contacted and when. In a few weeks if you haven’t heard anything back from them, then follow up with a polite email. Remember, they get thousands of emails per day, so be patient. You can get help with finding the correct blog when you buy music blog promotion here.

After success

Use that blog entry to advertise to others that you have an article in a successful blog and would they be interested too. Additionally, you can now start to approach Spotify for those all-important editorial playlists.

Boom, you’ve made it.


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