How to Get to the Parking Garage at Sacramento Airport

Parking Garage


If you’re visiting Sacramento, CA for the first time, chances are that you’re going to want to know how to get from your hotel or rental car at the airport. Luckily, it’s easy. Just follow these directions!

If You’re Coming from I-5 Northbound

If you’re coming from I-5 Northbound, take the Airport Blvd exit and at the end of the offramp, turn left onto Airport Blvd. Continue west on Airport Blvd which will take you right to the parking garage.

Continue West on Airport Blvd

If you are coming from the west, enter Interstate 5 and take the Airport Blvd exit. Continue west on Airport Blvd which will take you right to the parking garage.

The directions are confusing because you have to turn left onto Airport Blvd, but then you need to continue west on Airport Blvd all the way to the parking garage.

If You’re Coming from I-5 Southbound

If you’re coming from I-5 Southbound, exit at Airport Boulevard. Keep right at the fork in order to continue on Airport Blvd toward Terminal B. The exit is the first one after the airport and will be marked with signs that say “SAC Airport Parking.”

Follow Airport Blvd All the Way to the Parking Garage

Follow Airport Blvd all the way to the parking garage. The parking garage is on the right hand side of Airport Blvd, so it should be easy to find.

The parking garage is near Terminal B, so if you’re not sure where that is, just look for signs pointing towards it! You can also get there from I-5 and take exit 16A off of I-5 to get onto Airport Blvd. The parking garage will be on the right hand side of Airport Blvd, near Terminal B and easy to find.

If you’re coming from I-5, turn left at L St/Airport Blvd, then follow it all the way down until you see signs for parking garages on your right hand side (this will be about .25 miles from where you turn).

SAC Parking Garage Prices

The SAC Parking Garage has a variety of rates and options. For example, you can park there for an hour and pay $10, but if you want to stay for two hours or more, then the price will go up: $18 for each additional hour after the first two hours. Parking at SAC can get out of control if you’re parked there for too long. Considering off-site parking is the way to go if you want to save your wallet the headache.

Additionally, these rates are subject to change at any time without notice so be sure to check online before heading out!

Follow Airport Blvd all the way to the parking garage.

Follow Airport Blvd all the way to the parking garage. The parking garage is on your right hand side, so it’s easy to find. If you’re driving from I-5 and following signs for Terminal B, turn left onto Airport Blvd and then follow it straight until you see signs for the parking garage sacramento airport on your right hand side.

Off Airport Parking is the Cheaper Option

If you’re looking to save money and avoid the stress of airport parking, off-airport parking is the way to go. You’ll find that there are many benefits to choosing this option:

  • It’s cheaper than on-airport parking. Off airport parking generally costs less than on-airport alternatives–even when you factor in the cost of taking a shuttle from one location to another!
  • It’s less stressful, more convenient, and more economical. When you park at an off airport location, you don’t have to worry about finding space in a crowded lot or dealing with traffic on your way back home after your flight lands later in the evening (or early morning). Instead of driving around aimlessly trying not get lost or run out of gas while searching for an empty spot near where people are picking up their cars after their flights land at SAC Airport (which can take hours), simply hop on our free shuttle bus when it picks up passengers from their flight at Terminal A/B/C/D – then relax during your ride over here because we know exactly where each person needs dropped off!

Book Your Parking Through On Air Parking

Booking your airport parking through On Air Parking is the easiest and most convenient way to book your airport parking. You can save time and money by booking online, plus it’s the best way to get the best price. By booking online, you’ll also be able to easily find out where your car will be parked at Sacramento Airport!

You can also cancel at any time for any reason. We don’t ask questions and you don’t need an explanation. Our customer service representatives are available to take your calls and help you book your parking or cancel as you need.

On Air Parking has Free Shuttles to the Airport

On Air Parking has free shuttle service to and from the airport. This means that you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot, paying for it, or dealing with traffic. The shuttle runs 24/7 and will drop you off at Terminal A or B (for domestic flights).

The garage itself is also very convenient; it’s located right off I-5 and only a few minutes’ drive away from Sacramento Airport. On top of that, there are no hidden fees or valet service available if you need help getting into your car after your flight! We also offer great deals on daily parking rates so check them out before booking!

You Won’t Regret Parking with Us

We have a great location. Our parking garage is located just minutes from the airport, so you can park your car and hop right on the shuttle to your flight.

We have a great price. You’ll pay less than at other lots in town, and with our frequent flier program, you can earn points toward rewards like free parking or discounts on future trips.

We have a great shuttle service–and it’s free! Our shuttles run every 10 minutes between 5am-1am every day of the week (except Thanksgiving Day), so no matter what time your flight leaves or arrives at Sacramento International Airport, we’ll be there with our friendly drivers ready to take you where you need to go!

We pride ourselves on customer service–from answering all questions about our services over email before booking online through calling back when something goes wrong during the checkout process (like forgetting my license). So if I could give one piece of advice when looking for new place where I can park my car while traveling…it would be this: don’t forget.


We hope that you found this article helpful and informative. We know how stressful it can be to drive around looking for parking at the airport, so we wanted to make things easier for you. Parking at the airport is convenient, but expensive. Through On Air Parking, you’ll definitely save yourself money and a headache. If you have any questions about our services or want to book your next trip with On Air Parking, please don’t hesitate to call us at 888-487-2754


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