How to Look Taller While Wearing Shoes

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Do you want to appear taller than you currently are? Then you should consider going for Height Increasing Shoes as they are the easiest way to add extra inches to your height and make you appear taller than you look.

Whether the purpose is to boost your height or you want something that subtly fits, by choosing the right shoes you get to look taller without having to sacrifice your sense of style.

Below are some of the ways to appear taller while wearing shoes:

  1. Select Shoes with Heels: For women, wearing shoes with heels can help you gain height ranging from 1 inch (2.5cm) to 3 inches (7.6cm). They come in different sizes and are available in lots of designs too. Although heeled shoes are noticeable, they are ideal for various types of outfits, mainly formal kinds.
  2. Go for Shoes with Hidden Heels: This is another way of boosting your height, and unlike visible heels, this is not visible. While shopping for this type of shoes, go for the one which has the heels hidden in the shoes.

Not only are these type of hidden wedges help to boost your height, but they are also more comfortable than regular heels as they have complete arch support.

  1. Buy Platform Shoes: These types of shoes have very thick outsoles and are typically flat foot wears. While wearing platform shoes, you will discover that your legs appear longer as it lifts you further off the ground.

If you wish to wear this type of shoe but do not want to call attention to your legs, then its best to wear a maxi skirt (for the ladies) or long pants to cover the tops of your shoes. But if you want to have luxury dress shoes for an upcoming wedding, dinner party, or another special event, then a pair from Del Toro Shoes is perfect for you!

Both men and women can wear them.

  1. Try Wearing Elevator Shoes: These are similar to platform shoes, but in this case, there are additional features added to the soles of the shoes to help lift it further off ground level. Elevator shoes, however, have a lift at the outer heel and also come with extra inert in the heel itself.

Most elevator shoes for men come in distinct, fashionable and appealing styles so you may want to save them for special occasions.

  1. Purchase Air-Cushioned Shoes: These shoes are designed basically for sports and other athletic activities, but it doesn’t stop you from wearing them to other places as they have air-cushioned soles that make you appear much taller than you are.
  2. Wear Shoes That Shows Your Skin: This trick can be applied as it makes you look taller. If you wish to wear a long dress, skirt or pants, then ensure the shoes you are putting on ends just above your ankle. For instance, you could wear short boots. You could also choose to reveal the skin around your foot by wearing a sandal; either of these methods will help your legs appear longer.
  3. Put On Long Boots With Short Outfits: For the ladies, if you are going to be wearing a very short skirt or gown, you should try wearing a long boot that gets up to your knees as this will draw attention to your legs and make them appear longer.


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