How To Make The Most of Your Time With Your Pitbull Dog!

pitbull dog

Do you often feel that your buddy is sad? Do you think your pitbull behaves awkward and angry when you’re around? Well, if his/her vet has ruled out all the symptoms of health-related issues than according to pitbull facts your pet buddy is probably craving for your attention!

Unlike cats, dogs love to be loved most of the time by their owners! They crave attention and if not given them their required time, they do feel sad and depressed. So, in order to make your doggo the happiest in the world here are a few tricks that you should follow!

  • Reserve a specific time for your pitbull dog! Once you’ll do that and always follow that time, your pitbull will learn the routine and become habitual in no time. So, for example, if you can, an hour before leaving for work and an hour or 2 before bedtime will do just fine!
  • Don’t just plan everything for national dog day! Make every day a national dog day. Take this time that you’ve set for your dog as a way to make him/her learn tricks. If you have a puppy and not an adult pit bull, you will need to work harder on making him/her learn tricks and it is highly necessary for him/her to adapt to the routine. Start with small activities like getting them familiarized with the dog name you have selected for them. Rewarding them each time they respond to their names.
  • Walk, walk and walk. Pitbulls love to exercise and staying fit. Why not utilize your bonding-time as a way to help yourself and your dog to stay fit! A daily walk will become a way for your pet buddy to interact with the outside environment as well!
  • While it is alright to buy store-bought pet food, but a select a couple of days a week to make different kinds of homemade pet food. Your pitbull dog needs to develop a taste for home food and it’s always a healthy alternative.
  • Pitbulls are very smart dogs, if you want to make the best of your time, bring them fun toys and let them experiment with their toys! Remember, you are to reward your dog for being clever every time!
  • Biannually, it is always a good idea to take your pet for the grooming sessions. After all, who doesn’t like a bit of pampering? These sessions are for a fun time but it shouldn’t be heavy in your pocket! If you can’t afford to take your pet for grooming, it is perfectly fine, but make sure you regularly groom your pitbull. Grooming is one of the best ways to understand your dogs.

If you’ll start to give your pitbull buddy the time they need if no time you will see a happy change in their behavior! Dogs are very sensitive creatures and they often crave love and attention. Having a pet is a responsibility and like your own child, you have to be very caring and loving to your pet buddy. So, next time don’t punish your baby for bad behavior, maybe all he/she wants is your attention. Don’t just give up. Be persistent, your hard work will pay off well and your pitbull dog will be the happiest doggo in no time!


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