How to Pick Best Micro SD Card for Your Android Phone

Best Micro SD Card

Is there a phone or a camera that is bought with a storage extension? Gone are the days where the gadgets were used for one particular thing. Cameras in the olden days came with rolls and the photographs took a lot of time to undergo the development process.

Whereas today, everything happens within an instance and that is because of the advancement in the space of communication technology. Everyone has a smartphone and all the smartphones irrespective of the models do come with an extended memory option.

The slot should certainly have the right kind of micros SD card for the device to perform better else, both the device and the card might stop functioning as expected. In this write-up, we have explained a few simple steps to be followed to pick the right kind of micro SD card for any of your gadgets.

The first and the foremost thing to do is to understand the specifications of the device that you have. Along with this, it is also important to get the specifications of the micro SD card that is compatible with the phone.

Most of the times people are in a rush to expand the space on their phones and end up buying the micro SD Cards that would not even be compatible with the phones that they have.

One must make sure to check for the maximum extension of storage that is available on the phone, speed of the card, purpose and also the class types before picking up a card randomly.

  • Get it from an authorized dealer

There are a lot of authorized dealers these days that are into the sales of phones and cameras. These people are known to sell genuine products and accessories related to the gadgets you purchase. Websites like offer the best quality micro SD cards.

The cost of the original products might be a little on the higher end but, it does come with a warranty and a seal from the dealer. If the card goes bad or if the product is not functioning appropriately then, you can immediately return the card and exchange for a new one.

The same might not be possible if you get it from a local store as the products sold may or may not be genuine. Hence, having the receipt with a seal and the warranty would always save a lot of time, effort and money.

  • Make sure the card is not an imitation

Of course, an imitation micro SD card is pretty inexpensive when compared to the original ones but, are they durable? Well, when you are largely focused on the quality you are likely going to purchase the SD card from a dealer who has a reputation in the market.

Investing in an imitation card can certainly fix the problem of space but, at the cost of your gadget and also your hard-earned money. These cards may stop functioning at any point in time and this can be highly disappointing as you may have to keep replacing the micro SD cards every now and then. Hence, saying “No” to the imitation SD cards is the right thing to do.

  • Read the specifications carefully

There are a lot of online articles, technical papers and blogs that gives information on the types and the classes of micro SD cards that are available. These articles would also be written in specific keeping a certain group of people that are interested in the areas of technology.

When you read the article, make sure to read the specifications part carefully and gather all the knowledge required when you step out to invest in a micro SD card. As already mentioned, the compatibility has to matter when you are buying anything and the same applies to the micro SD card as well. Hence, this is one of the steps that can be followed in order to pick the right kind of micro SD card for your gadgets.

  • Do not buy it online if there are no reviews

Along with saving money people are extremely cautious about time too. Most of the people are into online shopping because of a lot of advantages it has. However, when you are buying a micro SD card you must be extra cognizant because some of the online dealers may end up selling poor quality cards.

Though there is an exchange policy, it would still be ideal to go to an electronics store and then get a card if not, you can choose to read the reviews from the other customers and then get the card.

When these things are checked, most likely you would end up picking the right kind of micro SD card for your gadgets.  So, spend a little bit of extra time while purchasing the micro SD card to keep your gadgets safe


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