I Was Involved in a Single-Vehicle Accident, Now What?

Involved Single-Vehicle Accident

Car accidents are always a headache. From dealing with emotional and physical trauma to stressing over financial expenses, car accidents bring lots of stress to our lives. Some car accidents involve multiple vehicles, where some are considered single-vehicle accidents. So, what exactly are single-vehicle accidents? What to do if i was involved in a single-vehicle accident, now what?

Single-Vehicle Accidents

Of course, after being involved in any type of accident, including single-vehicle accidents, always receive medical attention right away and report the incident to the correct parties, including the police and your insurance company.

A single-vehicle accident is when only one vehicle is involved in an accident. These types of accidents can be caused by distracted driving or bad weather. Common single-vehicle accidents include driving off the road, rolling a vehicle, hitting an animal or pedestrian, or colliding with a tree.

If a vehicle hits a building, parked car, or other property, then the accident is not considered a single-vehicle accident.

Single-Vehicle Accident Insurance Claims

Even when involved in a single-vehicle accident, you could be eligible to file a claim to help pay for any medical bills or repairs to a damaged vehicle.

Collision insurance usually covers these types of accidents, but certain factors do come into play.

For a successful single-vehicle claim, the driver of the vehicle must not be held responsible for the accident and this must be proven. This happens when the accident is caused by environmental factors such as bad weather, defects in the roadway, defective car parts, or defective roads.

If the single-vehicle accident is caused by operator error, speeding, driver fatigue, driver negligence, or driver substance abuse, then the driver of the vehicle is held responsible and an insurance claim should not be filed.

If you have been involved in a single-vehicle accident or a multiple-vehicle accident, always speak with a car accident lawyer in Philadelphia, like the ones at Edelstein Law Firm. The team at Edelstein Law Firm will be able to help you file a claim so you can focus on healing.





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