Future Impact of IoT in Mobile App Development

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When many of us hear the word “IoT,” we instantly think of home devices and light switches that you can control with your phone. But the truth is that the applications of the Internet of Things technology extend far beyond everyday conveniences. Although every new technology is ultimately aimed at making life easier for everyone across the world, innovations such as the IoT revolutionize the way we live, work, and share information.

In this article, we will guide you through a short introduction of the IoT phenomenon and what it means for the future of technology, connectivity, and life.

What is IoT?

In simple terms, Internet of Things (IoT) is an interconnected network through which devices can share information. It’s the same as the internet that we use every day, with the prime difference being that it connects appliances and devices through a system that does not require human or computer intervention.

Thus, the IoT is a way for devices to connect and exchange data without requiring computing power.

Using this technology, everything from tiny sensors to home appliances can be added to a single network. Each device can then communicate with the other, creating a “smart” system that does not always require direct monitoring.

Humble Beginnings

Right in the beginning, the universe was created – and after, humans came along and took charge of creating a lot of different things. Fast forward to the 21st century, and we have a world that is run almost exclusively through digital technologies in every imaginable field and industry. The downside – this vast network of interconnected devices requires human control and intervention at regular intervals. A completely automated process is not possible without engaging an AI that requires exponential amounts of computing power and resources.

The IoT infrastructure is the solution to this conundrum. With a network of interconnected Smart Devices that can monitor their surrounding through simple sensors and adjust their behavior according to a predefined set of programs, we can eliminate the need for continual human control and involvement and create a more automated world so that humans can focus their energies on creating even better things for the future.

Infinite Prospects

The real power of the IoT is realized when you begin to understand how this technology can be applied to daily life. Consider, for example, a busy road interchange that sees a lot of traffic every day. Now consider that this road is equipped with sensors at regular intervals that send data to the traffic lights operated by a simple algorithm at the back end. When the traffic across one-lane increases, the “smart” traffic lights adjust their intervals to allow for more traffic flow from the congested lane, while the calmer roads and left at red for more extended periods. You can apply the same model to hospitals, for example, where a system of sensors across the room can sense if an elderly person has fallen or at school, where “Smart” tables can register each student’s attendance rolls.

Through such inventive applications, things that we find to be trivial parts of everyday life can be delegated to an interconnected system of devices that do our work for us – FOR FREE!

Integration and Control

This new paradigm of interconnected devices forms the basis of the Internet of Things infrastructure. Connecting such a framework to a monitoring device such as a mobile app can enhance our capabilities ten-fold by providing a large amount of information from any particular application at a glance.

The world of mobile apps has begun to adapt to this new niche. We are increasingly observing smart devices that come with their connected apps allowing for monitoring and control without space and geographical restrictions.

For example, you can now quickly turn on your air conditioning thirty minutes before you get home while still in your office.

These technology applications are not only saving us time and money, but also valuable natural resources by cutting down consumption and modulating the resources we use according to our specific requirements.

Building a Better World

With more and more devices being released each year that utilize the IoT architecture, we observe an evolution in digital technologies that can herald a new paradigm of greater integration, control, and resourcefulness when it comes to our daily lives and the industry. With mobile apps jumping on the bandwagon, allowing for real-time monitoring of data from interconnected devices and sensors without restrictions, we can create a more optimized world for ourselves and future generations.


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