Robert Trump – The Younger Brother of Donald Trump Dies at 71

Robert Trump
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The younger brother of President Donald Trump passed away on Saturday night. The White House confirmed the news that was sent out by the President. Robert Trump was admitted to the ICU of Mt. Sinai Hospital of New York City a few weeks ago. He wasn’t keeping well ever since and breathed his last August 15.

Donald Trump pays respect to the deceased brother Robert Trump

Trump’s statement recorded that he has a heavy heart to share the fact that his brother Robert has peacefully passed away. The account records him calling his brother a wonderful person and that he was his best friend. The President also wrote that he would miss his brother until they meet again. His memories will be with him forever. Finally, he expressed his love and wished his soul rest in peace.

Donald Trump had flown to New York on August 14, to meet his ailing brother. It was the last time they met, and Robert Trump passed away the night after.

According to a senior administration official, the Trump brothers had a great relationship. Robert was very special to the President. The man would have turned 72 just 11 days after his death day.

Who was Robert Trump?

Robert Trump was one of the top executives of the Trump Organization, which is a joint family business.  He had pulled back from public appearances and had announced that he is “gainfully retired.” Robert was living in Millbrook, New York.

Recently, Trump was in the news for trying to block the publication of Mary Trump, his nieces’ book named “Too Much and Never Enough.” He asked for a restraining order to stop the book from being published and said that not doing so would mean a violation of will that she had signed of Fred Trump Sr.

Robert Trump had reported that his niece tried to mischaracterize and sensationalize the relationships within their family. He said that she had financial interests in doing so, but it is an injustice to his brother Fred and their parents. He also noted that the entire family is proud of President Donald Trump, and Mary’s actions are disgraceful.

Personal life

Although Robert Trump wasn’t in the limelight the way our President has been, he was quite a sensation due to his high-profile divorce case in 2008. He was married for 25 years to Blaine Trump and was allegedly having an affair with his secretary Ann Marie Pallan. The man went on to marry the other woman and remained cordial with his ex-wife after divorce. Moreover, Blaine was a part of Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony in 2017.

Philanthropic work

Robert Trump did use his fortune for patronizing several local causes and businesses. He was also a trustee of Angels of Light, which is a holiday giving non-profit organization. Finally, the man also donated a considerable amount of money for horse rescue operations in the area and more such causes.


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