Josh Hart and Predictions from Lakers Loss

Rajon Rondo #9, LeBron James #23 and Josh Hart #3
Rajon Rondo #9, LeBron James #23 and Josh Hart #3

Most people believe that moral victories have their own importance than actual wins during the preseason. The 1st game at Staples Center for the Lakers edition of LeBron James finished with the 2nd continuous loss to the Nuggets. The final score was 113-111.

Isaac Bonga got the ball with seconds on the clock. He decided to make an additional pass. It allowed the shot clock to finish prior the Lakers could make one last throw out attempt.

It was amazing to see a welcome to L.A LeBron from the crowd. Most of the sloppy play took place in the 2nd half.

LeBron efficiently played during the 15-minutes of first-half. A 33-years old player got 5 for 6 from the field. He scored 13 points and repeating 3 assists in front of a crowd. This move welcomed LeBron to Staples Center.

Josh Hart of L.A Lakers

Lakers immediately enhanced on their first attempt into the preseason. The team shot 46 percent from the floor and gained 26 assists after the Sunday’s 127-107 loss.

The team found far more successful in tipping balls in the lane. They eventually controlled the pace of the game at the end of 1st half.

The teams went to the locker room after scoring 59-48 and it seemed in the favor of L.A LeBron. The Lakers were more organized on offensive and stronger on defense.

Hart proved a measure of consistency and provided Lakers a breakthrough on both ends of the court, especially with his offensive play. He was +9 on the night and dropped 14 points in just 25 minutes play.


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