Napoli Champions League Tie Match resulted attacks on Liverpool Fans

Liverpool fans attacked

The Liverpool fans experienced a deadly attack in the center of Naples. The incident took place just before the Champions League game against Napoli scheduled on Wednesday.

A man was injured in this unfortunate incident and transferred to the hospital. He suffered minor injuries and later discharged from the hospital after medical treatment, Merseyside Police confirmed to ESPN FC.

It is noteworthy; the Liverpool team is in Naples for the first time since 2010. An incident happened when 3 foreign supporters got knife wounds and 4 others experienced minor injuries in 2010.

Irish Liverpool Fan

A spokesman for Merseyside Police informed ESPN FC, “We responded to an incident linking to a small group of Liverpool fans and a small group of male choppers on Tuesday night, October 2, 2018”.

“A 20-years old man got injuries and transferred to the hospital for treatment. He got minor cuts and swelling. The injured man later released from the hospital”.

The Merseyside Police and Liverpool have advised fans not to wear club colors around the city center. They shouldn’t make their own way to the Stadio San Paolo. They must use provided shuttle buses.


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