Keto Diet Could be Beneficial for military Divers in America’s future wars

Keto Diet

Cutting off the carbohydrates from the diet can provide vital military success in America’s future wars.

Pentagon officials research report says, Now research can tell us those human bodies who are in ketosis. The ketogenic diet, the world’s most controversial and popular diet can stay underwater for a more extended period.

This research is a rapidly growing trend as military researchers zero when they explore how nutrition and drugs can enhance the fighting power of men and women in war.

However, According to U.S defense officials, We lack the legal authorities to delicate sailors, airmen, soldiers, and marines what should be eaten or should be not.

Well, criticism always here and they are against the concept and warned that the military is entering a danger-filled world if they start keto like diet and drugs.

Industries are linking between diet and performance of the divers to engage in complicated conversation to optimize the human body. The ketosis is a biological process in which the body burns fat and could produce capable military divers that is the best 21st-century example and now confronts the Pentagon. People were asking how really ketosis person stay underwater for a more extended period.

Director of science and technology, Lis Sander, said in defense industry conference in Tampa late, ” The one truly effects of being ketosis, it changes the way your body handles oxygen deprivation, so in this way, you can stay underwater in depths for a longer time and not go into oxygen seizures.

She further claimed, ” we have the technology through we can tell whether you are in ketosis or not, and we know statistically what keto does to your ability to sustain oxygen.”

I don’t have the authority to tell submarines, swimmers, etc. well They can stay or not underwater being ketosis is not a technology question, that’s an authority question. Critics say it’s not a healthy way to eliminate carbs on a longer-term basis.

However, some military officers report say, our policies are complicated, and it’s a personal choice of anybody.


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