Kevin Hart Criticized Katt Williams for Defaming Tiffany Haddish

Kevin Hart Criticized Katt Williams for Defaming Tiffany Haddish

Kevin Hart became serious during the joint interview of pairs on The Breakfast Club. He expressed his feelings that he doesn’t understand why & when people get opportunities due to colors in the Hollywood. Other people of color then degrade them publicly after battling to get in.

Hart delivered the facts and referred to Katt Williams. Williams is a comedian recently degraded the talent of Haddish. But, he confessed to her at the Emmys. Hart has long campaigned Haddish and he criticized Williams for his off-screen negative approach and immaturity.

Hart said that my frustration with Katt Williams he just keep pointing at Hollywood. Hollywood did this, the white man. When do you take responsibility for your actions? You had the shot. You were the guy. You were set up to be the star.

Hart fired back when asked why Williams was a risk. He said Williams chose drugs and rattled off the names of other major comedians including Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, George Lopez, and Dave Chappelle. He added that you don’t hear the guys that went on top due to they love to complain regarding the people under them. They are happy with themselves and it’s the reason.

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Hart spent most of his time mentioning other incorrectness in the interview of Williams. Hart has a series of big-budget films and various other projects. He said that he has time to fact-check everything because Katt Williams has a fictional utopia.

Haddish didn’t say any word on the disgraced comments from Williams but confirmed the apology of Williams at the Emmys. Both were winners at Emmys, she just said that Williams explained himself.


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