UNCW Basketball Teams Will Start Practice at UNC-Chapel Hill after Florence

UNC-Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was chartered in 1789 under the Constitution of 1776. The UNC was the first state university to open its doors in 1795.

The officials announced on Saturday that the basketball teams of UNC-Wilmington will start fall practice at UNC-Chapel Hill. This part of North Carolina is still experiencing the effects of Hurricane Florence.

The Seahawks women will start practice on Tuesday at the Carmichael Arena.


Tar Heels’ facilities will be used by the Seahawks until reopening their own campus for students.

The athletic director of UNCW, Jimmy Bass issued a press release. He said, “It’s been a difficult two weeks for all of our coaches and student-athletes”. “We’re very grateful to the North Carolina staff for their generosity and hospitality in allowing us to conduct practice in Chapel Hill”.

The officials said that men’s Basketball training videos of UNCW has a workout plan on Monday. They will start fall drills on Tuesday at the practice facility the Smith Center.

A campus police car and UNC-Wilmington vehicles

The N.C UNC- Wilmington posted a message including the above-shown image. The image is showing a campus police car and UNC- Wilmington vehicles on Monday that campus will not reopen this week and a final date for reopening hasn’t yet set.


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