Killers Anonymous: Trailer, Release Date And Cast With More Details!

First Trailer for 'Killers Anonymous' with Gary Oldman & Jessica Alba!

killers anonymous trailer

Killers Anonymous is an upcoming American thriller movie that is coming out in this year. This film includes action-packed shots that will keep the audience at their toe. It will engage its audience from start to end.

These films get made because actors of the caliber of Old man want to act in them.

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The movie has a very beautiful plot and a storyline. All the characters will play very amazingly. Each of them is playing their job very pretty. It will keep the audience towards real action. And you can definitely amaze the action and thrill include in this film.

The plot of the movie contains a support group for killers that will kill the people regularly. The people in the group sit in a circle and make gossips. During these gossips, they will share their wrongdoings with each other.

They will explain with one another about their daily experiences. However, these daily experiences include the problems they will face and the people they met.

Jessica Alba is also performing the leading character in the movie. According to the trailer, she may create some funny situation in the movie. Well, the idea of regular killers is looking very ingenious.

It’s has a pretty good cast and the story is a bit slanted and not just an infantile American movie to make please the mass audience.

Director: Martin Owen

Star Cast: Tommy Flanagan, Rhyon Nicole Brown, Jessica Alba, MyAnna Buring, Michael Socha, Tim McInnerny, Sam Hazeldine, Elizabeth Morris, Elliott Langridge, Isabelle Allen, Suki Waterhouse as Violet Gary Oldman.

Release Date: 28th June 2019


Here you will have a recently released trailer for the movie. Have a look below!


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