Swamp Thing: Trailer, Cast And More Information About The Upcoming!

Swamp Thing: Teaser, Plot, Release Date And More Details FOr You!

Swamp Thing

DC Comics is going to make another fictional superhero movie “Swamp Thing”. This movie is also upgrading the Hollywood upcoming movie in 2019.

It includes many horror and creepy shots and its all due to the James Wan.

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The Swamp Thing has a unique and distinct plot and storylines. The story of the movie includes the realization of a famous scientist name as Alec Holland. He has an attachment with a monstrous plant and creature. He experiences several experiments on it.

And his laboratory experimental doing will bring a lot of destruction and demolition. The role of a scientist as Alec Holland will perform by the Andy Bean. While the Swamp Thing performance will be done by the Derek Mears.

But the whole story mainly focuses on the Crystal Reed who is performing the role of a doctor. Who is making efforts to overcome and prevent the disease? She also visiting Louisiana to find the reason behind the Swamp Thing illness.

Her tour to Louisiana she comes to meet with Alec Holland. But the early death of Alec will end up their relation shortly.

Swamp Thing Trailer

The trailer of the movie has a cool and calm night and dark weather. But it never lasts long. Soon it will turn into the disaster and horror.

However, the trailer includes some creepy and horrifying moments in it like swamp aflame and screaming kids.

Director: Len Wein, and Bernie Wrightson

Star Cast: Andy Bean, Derek Mears, Crystal Reed, Maria Sten, Jeryl Prescott, Virginia Madsen, Will Patton, Henderson Wade, and Kevin Durand.

Release Date: 2019


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