Men Footwear to Stand Out from the Crowd


Footwear is an essential part of an individual’s fashion. For men to make a lasting impression it is important to choose the perfect footwear. Pairing up the footwear with an attire will make any man charming and handsome. Sometimes when the outfit is ordinary footwear elevates it making it ten times better. So you can say that footwear plays an important role men’s fashion and personality. The styles and trends related to men’s footwear also keep on changing. There are various types of footwear for men to wear that you can find with Noon Coupon Codes.

For example, if a man is going to a party with a friend he can wear stylish sneakers of vibrant colors. When going on casual meetups there is an option to wear simple sneakers. For formal meetings, dress shoes are the best choice. This blog will talk about some footwear options men can wear with ease and comfort.

  1. Lace-up Sneakers 

These lace-up sneakers would be perfect for you if want to be fashionable while being casual. With this pair of sneakers, you would give off a sporty look with casualty. While wearing them you will get good balance and support on the feet. Durable rubber is used to make the sole of the sneakers. The sole is thick which adds a few inches in height. So while wearing these sneakers you will feel an increase in your height. The color range of the sneaker is fashionable and simple. You can also find these sneakers comprising more than one color. The matching of the colors on the sneakers is vibrant and stylish. And the use of these sneakers is not limited to one occasion. Wear it anywhere you want and enjoy comfort on the feet with a trendy style.

  1. Running Shoes

Running shoes should be in every athlete’s or runner’s footwear collection. Runners and athletes require shoes that do not hinder their activity. And also need to take comfort and balance into account. Running shoes will help with that. These pair of shoes are designed so that they allow maximum breathability for feet. If you are an athlete you can perform physical activity comfortably in running shoes. Your feet will have some room for ventilation due to the design of the running shoes. The insoles of the shoes are durable and soft. This means these running shoes will be gentle on the skin. These shoes would also adapt to various road surfaces and enhance the grip on the feet. You can wear the pair for everyday use too. 

  1. Dress Shoes

Dress shoes give off elegant energy. When worn they make the look of the person elegant and graceful. A pair of dress shoes is preferred for formal settings for most people. But it is your choice when you want to wear them. Dress shoes are made from leather material that is of premium quality. The leather material is polished which gives the dress shoes a shiny look. Wearing such a pair of shoes will bring more enchantment and confidence. You will also be able to easily clean them compared to other pairs of shoes. Just swipe a damp cloth and find your dress shoes clean like any new pair of shoes. With proper care, you can use these shoes for a long time. Dress shoes can be paired with any attire also. So get a pair of dress shoes and get a feeling of charm and confidence.

  1. Half Slippers Sneakers Shoes 

Looking for shoes that are sneakers but also give the feeling like you are wearing slippers? Then having a pair of half-slippers sneakers shoes will be a sensible choice to have in your wardrobe. These types of shoes are a hybrid of sneakers and slippers as the name makes it obvious. The insole of such shoes is made from soft fabric, allowing the foot to fit with comfort. The leather material of the shoe is of fine quality. It has a shiny and soft texture that makes the appearance of the shoes polished and refined. You will not experience any uncomfortable rubbing on the feet while these shoes. The sole of the shoes has a strong grip. These pair of shoes are a great example of versatility and fashion. You can wear these shoes to shop in malls or a formal meetup. 

  1. Chelsea Boots 

Chelsea boots would be the favorite pair of shoes for men who like handsome and cool styles. If you are one of them then add these boots to your footwear collection. The material these boots are made from is polyurethane leather. This material makes the texture of the boots thin, smooth, elastic, and soft. Wearing these Chelsea boots will allow breathability and ventilation for the feet. Your feet will be comfortable in these boots. Another feature of these boots is that they will reduce any painful impact on feet when doing any physical activity. This is possible from the cushioning material in the boots that mitigates the force applied to feet during outdoor activities. At the side of the boots, there’s a zipper to put on and take them off easily and quickly. The boots also have a tightening buckle allowing you to snug them how much you want. 


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