Milwaukee Summerfest 2020 Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

summerfest 2020

According to the latest announcement by the event organizers on Thursday, Milwaukee’s Summerfest 2020 is cancelled. Based on attendance, Summerfest is the grandest music festival in the USA. As per the original schedule, the Summerfest was to take place in June. Besides, due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, it was announced in March that the fest will postpone till the end of September. However, due to so much uncertainty and movement restrictions all of the country, mass gatherings are serious issues now. Moreover, health experts have strictly mentioned social distancing to protect yourself from coming in contact with any kind of infection.

Apart from the Summerfest, other similar events including Bonnaroo and Coachella also wanted to reschedule dates. They aimed to make the events successful even if it has to be three months later. However, such risks are unworthy given the current situation, and no one knows when large events will run safely again. Last year in the Summerfest 2019, attendance strength reached up to more than 700,000. However, this is one of the lowest in comparison to other years and still stands out as the largest if you compare with other events.

For this year, other events such as Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, and are now in trouble. Although they had cancelled the event well in advance, the ticket charges have not been refunded. On the other hand, the Summerfest organizers are playing it very safe. Since refunding so much money is a hassle, they have made it official on their website that people who are not taking refunds can use their passes in 2021. In the history of 52 years of Summerfest, this is the first time that the organizers have no option but to cancel the event.

Tough time for the live music industry

According to a recent interview with Summerfest organizers, the dates for 2021 will be announced soon. It is expected that the performers who were rescheduled for this season will be a part of the next season too. The artists include Guns N’ Roses, Justin Bieber, and more. In a recent interview with CEO and President of Summerfest Don Smiley, he says that he is happy to be responsible for such an event.

Smiley said that the musical event has proved its worth with more than five decades of successful tradition. Therefore, there can be no reason that they will not give all the efforts to make it successful this year too. However, the Milwaukee World Festival despite exploring several options to make it a success cannot work. The only reason is the unpredictable scenario around us right now. Smiley adds that no one knows what awaits us shortly. So, the organizers did not want to risk the health of people who would come to watch the show. Well, it seems that the cancellation of the Summerfest 2020 is another brutal blow in the already unhappy year. Let’s see what else awaits us now!


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