Minnesota makes Bold moves to eliminate HIV/AIDS

eliminate HIV AIDS

Minnesota Department of Health reported, “people are at highest risk of HIV/AIDs who use the intravenous drug and who have sex with other men. Minnesota is a midwestern U.S state and bordering the Lake Superior and Canada. The state introduced aggressive new measures to end HIV/AIDS.

According to the official report of the Health Department of Minnesota, almost 300 new cases of human immunodeficiency virus are seen every year. In the Southern States, Rates are higher than Minnesota wherein 2017 40,000 new HIV cases were reported.

The section manager of Minnesota Health Department, Christine Jones said the goal is set to reduce HIV diagnoses at least 25 % by 2025 and 75 % by 2035. Well, the statistics show that the infections have quite stable as I said above 300 and the number of deaths decreases dramatically.

There are some new programs started in Minnesota such as EDN, HIV, MN, and the objectives are to prevent new infections, as well as diagnostic person, are receiving stable housing and coordinated treatment.

The first case of HIV diagnosed in 1984; however, the latest medications for managing HIV have made. Jones reported the new plan would make sure that 90 % of Minnesotans residents who have tested positive know their HIV status.

Furtherly, Jones said, We have tools and now time to say Ok how can we use these tools properly and how we look at our state. Approximately half of all young people in the United States are living with HIV and do not use life-saving medicines because either they don’t know they infected nor can’t afford it. Preventive drugs are introduced for those who are at risk of contracting the virus.


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