End of Whiskey Cavalier | Is Making of Season 2 Really Cancelled?

Whiskey Cavalier

Unfortunately, the journey of ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier is to end with the finale of Season 1 as the makers have been announced that there will be no renewal of the series for Season 2 But We can Still Hope for Good!

Whiskey Cavalier is an American TV Series which is filled with action and dramatic sequences sparked by comedy and romance. It was aired on February 24, 2019, and ended on 22 May 2019.

The Series follows the secret missions executed by an FBI agent named Will Chase along with his co-partner a CIA operative named Francesca Trowbridge. Will Chase owns a codename, Whiskey Cavalier whereas Francesca’s codename is Fiery Tribune. Both of the agents work together sharing moments of hardships, failures, and success to achieve their goal.

The Series was worth watching and has been liked all over the world but somehow it did not get the expected praise from the viewers until the release of its last two episodes and the bad news that upsets all the fans.

Before the season could end up the maker of the series announced that there will be no other season and Whiskey Cavalier is ending right here.

This news upsets the viewers and fans of the series which are still expecting another season to rejoice their happiness with the dramedy and action of Whiskey Cavalier.

Many of the fans have also started an online campaign to persuade the makers for the creation of Season 2.

Somehow, it is expected that the makers will reconsider their decision of not renewing the series and the fans will get rewarded on their efforts with Whiskey Cavalier Season 2.


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