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If you are among the people enthusiastic about the Next Big Future Technology, the article I’m writing for you. We are within the 4th Industrial Revolution, and technology is rapidly growing day by day. Companies and individual entrepreneurs are taking a risk with new tech trends and evolving faster than ever.

From the synthetic human brain to moon mining, robotic moon base to self-driving cars, everything will wonder us in 2020. People and Businesses can grasp opportunities by understanding the key trends of the future.

As a tech enthusiast, it’s my duty to people aware of the upcoming technologies. I’ll make you think like a futurist in this article by identifying the most important trends. Below you are going to know the next big future technology. Stay with us and amaze by the future.


AI-Artificial Intelligence is one of the most growing transformative tech evolutions of our era. Artificial technology or AI is a very familiar term in the IT industry. The companies nowadays have taken many initiatives to compete with the future by Artificial Intelligence. Businesses have begun to explore how they can utilize AI to enhance the customer experience.

There are lots of AI service provider platforms that present different kinds of Machine Learning services. There is also some cloud AI services provide specialized hardware requirement for few AI tasks like GPU based processing. AI-based hardware and software can be expensive, and that is why AI-as-a-service (AAAS) will be a solution for lots of organizations. In the past years, IT firms like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, and few startups such as BigML, ForecastThis have started to provide AI as a service. In 2020, we will encounter the wider adoption and a growing pool of service providers. They are likely to begin offering more detailed applications and specific services in a specialized manner. That means no businesses will have excuses not to take AI services.

5G Data Networks

Who does not want the high-speed internet by what he can download and upload content on the internet? The 5G generated mobile is about to come in the market as it is called one of the next big future technology. It will give you a super-fast internet service. Although the 5G network was available in 2019, it was still expensive and available for only a few countries and cities.

However, 2020 is likely the year of 5G, as many big companies have taken initiatives. It is expected that everyone can join in this fun of 5G at affordable data plans and massively improved coverage. The super-fast network will not only give us the chance to stream movies and music at best quality, but we can also variously improvise our eCommerce businesses. Companies must think of the implications of having high-speed and stable internet access to their businesses. The enormous bandwidth will enable robots, machines to collect and distribute data than ever before, and hope that it will lead to advances in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Predictive and Personalized Medicine

The medical sector is waiting for some next big future technology. Day by day, technology is transforming healthcare at a reasonable rate. Companies launch some wearable devices such as smartwatches that will give you health issues and conditions and predict as well as treat your health. These devices even give warning before you experience any symptoms.

When we talk about treatments, we are going to see much more personalized facilities. Technologies will allow the doctors to prescribe medicines and apply them in the right way precisely.

The fields of genomics and AI, although it is not a new idea, have some breakthrough in technology; this technology will give us a greater understanding of how different bodies are better or worse to fight off specific diseases.

Throughout 2020 we are going to witness new applications of predictive healthcare and the beginning of more effective treatments to ensure the best results for any patients.

Microchips Implanted in Our Brains

Scientist nowadays giving their best to connect the human brain with devices. And that is one the most predictable inventions and in the list of next big future technology. The life of people will be faster, and work will be done in less time as well as more accurately.

Who does not know the Elon Musk and his initiatives? He started a company named Neuralink that will link human brains with technology. If you ever thought that mind-reading is a thing of science fiction, think again and get prepared to see new era neuroscience. Musk already started testing on humans to merge brain activity with Artificial intelligence.

Ultimately, we can make a full brain-machine interface, and that is going to be great for human civilization to level up their scale. Undoubtedly this is the next big future technology we will witness in 2020 more fabulously.

Self-driving cars

I’m starting to write this topic with the good news that Tesla chief Elon Musk announces that he has expected to create a genuinely complete autonomous vehicle in 2020. By the way, it will be a lesser degree of autonomy, like automated braking and lane-changing.

Features like automated braking, lane-changing as well as automation of car systems are to being streamlined with data capture and analytics.

During an interview, Elon Musk said in an interview,

“From our standpoint, if we fast forward a year, maybe a year and three months more or less, but next year for sure, we’ll have over a million Robo-taxis on the road.”

However, Mike Ramsey, Gartner analyst, what is has a point,

“The idea that we can have a vehicle that can make a complex decision for full self-driving is just not plausible at this point.”

Besides Tesla, Google’s sister company Waymo also just completed a trial version of self-driving taxis in California, and it transported more than 6200 people in the first month.

Throughout 2020, We are going to expect not only self-driving cars but also trucking and shipping vehicles. The idea of a driverless car is a matter of excitement, and people are eagerly waiting for one of the next big future technology.

Digital Debit

The world is already has become a cashless society. In 2020, the digital payment system will be extensive. Cash payments will be rare in a case for people. Facebook has taken a significant plan for Libra. Their cryptocurrency project is expecting government regulations by 2020. Day by day, cryptocurrency is gaining stronger credibility and digital payment system such as Google Play, and Amazon Pay is growing in use. PayPal is already established its market. Traditional banking will lose its ground. Bank like Bank of America has begun gathering patents.

There was a survey in 2018 conducted by payment processor TSYS had stated that there were 1,222 consumers, and 54% of the consumers preferred paying via debit cards, 26% preferred credit cards. Only 14% expressed their interest in using cash.

Mostly there are five types of digital payment system we see, and these will be more upgraded in 2020:

  • Centric mobile proximity wallet.
  • Centric mobile in-app wallet.
  • Card-not-present or card-on-file wallet.
  • QR code wallet.
  • Digital checkout wallet

By seeing all the digital things in today’s world even in the banking sector, can we not expect the Digital Debit will be more improved in the next big future technology list?

Personal Profiling

Data is the biggest asset nowadays. Tons of analytical data companies are observing us in every minute. What we do and what we are doing. Digital integration of people has become so deep that data analytics has more and more information, even you do not know ourselves. What we do with our subconscious mind, these are also tracked. As businesses are growing online basis, this will be one of the next big future technology. And profiling customers by examining their interaction with the technology in hand will be the latest trend in 2020.

If you want the process of profiling your customer spending patterns, you need to find an answer to questions like:

  • How do they curate their social profile?
  • What pictures do they post?
  • Are all places they check into on social media?
  • How social apps do they most visit?

The trick here you can integrate is that you can track their personal preferences for the latest technology.

Although it is a promising future of business, there are some questions raise like where is customer consent in this personal profiling.

The Next Big Future on Biotechnology

Undoubtedly, biotechnology is a big part of our today’s world. Everything we wear, the food we eat, and the medicine we take for keeping us healthy all come from biotechnology. Biotech is already playing a vital role and will continue because the world is polluting day by day.

Water is one of the crucial parts and precious resources in our environment. The UN reports a piece of shocking news that 75% of our world’s freshwater is already polluted and non-drinkable. As it is causing severe impacts on human health, biotechnology industries have taken significant steps, and technology in this sector is growing.

In 2020, we predict that a new class of systems will be available to use biotechnology to extract resources. Energy from waste is trending technology in many countries. And most importantly, wastewater refining will be a crucial part of the invention in 2020.

A commitment is establishing among the scientist that providing bioenergy and clean water to communities and industries should be sustainable and economical. The future biotechnology will be in a strong position, no doubt.

Extended Reality

Extended reality is a broad niche where it catches all terms that cover several invented and new technologies. More specifically, it is all about virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

Virtual reality (VR) will give you a total digital experience where you can witness a computer-generated world using headsets.

Augmented reality (AR) is about smartphone magic. It overlays a digital object into the real-world scene.

Mixed reality (MR) is a broader side of AR. It means you, as a user, can interact with digital things placing in the real world.

The above technologies have come into the market in recent years, and these are becoming the more advanced day by day as the next big future technology. These technologies are using as entertainment hugely.

Throughout 2020, It is expected that as a business gets to grips with exciting possibilities of technologies, there will be a massive change in the current form of Extended Reality.

Key Tech Trends of 2020

  • Businesses will be dependable on social media platforms, mobile, and analytics. It will adopt them for the transition to distributed ledger technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Extended reality, including augmented reality and virtual reality. Artificial Intelligence itself will bring the next big future technology.
  • Personal profiling of customers from their social media profiles. From social profiles, you can know about customer’s check-In and what type of products do they search and share among other friends and family for marketing purpose.
  • A business will need to adapt their analytics to similar guidelines in 2020. Because the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) state the foundation for data privacy regulations.
  • 5G will be the most viral trends in 2020. People to company, everyone will need faster internet browsing for their needs and business, respectively.
  • 3D printing will be more digitalized in the future. There will be more functionality on bionic body parts processing.
  • Automation in business will empower the world. The cashier-less store will increase and lose lots of human workforce in stages across 2020.

What’s, is the next big future technology?

There are tremendous opportunities in technology society as it is growing very fast. Technology trends in 2020 will be more charming for its users. According to the PwC report, alone AI products will contribute more than $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

In 2020, businesses need to take more steps together to form a cyber-secure ecosystem. To come up with new technologies, every company should arrange a training session for their staff. Because of the lack of skill and lack of adaptation with new technologies will lose their reputation. But we believe companies will handle the next big future technology with the right hand.


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