Ozark Season 3 is not coming on Netflix until 2020

ozark season 3

We’re waiting for another third series of our favorite show Ozark. Don’t expect to see Ozark third season soon on Netflix.

As you know production for the third season started in May that will continue till the end.
Season two premiered in August 2018 that’s means we wouldn’t be able to get any new episodes on Netflix.

It’s really a bummer, and Netflix takes its sweet time and gets it right. According to official spoilers, there is a great gap for another season, “Westworld and Game of Thrones.”

Fans are very disappointed because of these gaps, especially for a great show “Ozark,” that means we are going for a huge break.

Ozark is the most refreshing show and one of the hit series on America after the game of thrones. Ozark is all about the Byrdy’s family who launders cartel money in a part of Missouri. The third season will more exciting but Alas! Now fans will long wait for it.

Well we hope that we’ll get Ozark third season nearly 2020 or closer to 2021.


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