Payments as a service


Do you want to monetize merchant services and are curious about the possibility? Tired of working with a payment partner who is unable to supply the essential technology? Or are you dissatisfied with your current revenue-sharing agreement?

In case you answered yes to any of the listed questions, we could provide you with our “Payments as a Service” (PaaS) solution, which incorporates residual revenue, API, specialized support, and attractive terms.

What are the primary advantages of utilizing UniPay’s PaaS operating model?

  • An affordable upfront cost
  • Setting up is quick and easy
  • Acceptance of payments in the shortest possible time

Payments as a Service Offering

UniPay’s PaaS solution allows SaaS, ISOs, ISVs, and Commerce Services to swiftly link their platform with an existent UniPay cloud instance and begin processing payments.

Starting with a UniPay Payments as a Service model expedites and simplifies the process of becoming operational.

To enhance the merchant payment experience, UniPay’s payment system may be used to organize access to a variety of services. With this pricing model, all of our customers and partners can monetize transactions by providing their merchants with cutting-edge payment and commerce solutions that are available at any time and anywhere in the world.

As a result, it’s a wise choice for firms that are just starting to take payments but still need to be ready to build their own payment brand.

Why Platforms Should Choose the “Payments as a Service” model

Platforms benefit from Payments as a Service for the following reasons:

  • A simplified onboarding and underwriting process. You can use onboard your merchants quickly in days, not weeks or months, thanks to our real-time onboarding technology.
  • Reduced liability associated with PCI compliance. With our PCI-compliant infrastructure, your PCI audit will be significantly simplified.
  • It reduces your company’s financial risk. Payment processing partners can help you with a number of financial matters, such as fraud management and chargeback handling.
  • The benefits of an omnichannel solution. We offer APIs and mobile and terminal solutions, allowing you to service merchants of all types, and we support multiple payment terminal types.
  • Recurring logic option. You can provide your merchants with transaction processing and support complex regular billing scenarios with our billing engine.
  • Branding feature. You can offer your merchants customized payment pages with logos using our advanced branding features.
  • Reporting tools that are robust and comprehensive. Data can be accessed, reports on transactions can be analyzed, and records can be integrated with our Reporting API and tools.
  • Revshare generation (payments monetization). The commission system we provide will help you maximize your earnings from merchant processing while focusing on developing core platform features and products.

What businesses can benefit from the “Payments as a Service” solution

If you are a firm with small payment processing demands or do not require particular logic, if you do not have any specialized branding requirements, or if you want to add transaction processing to your present offering, you should absolutely start with this model. It will assist you in entering the payment sector, gradually increasing your merchant base, understanding payment processing concepts, building trusting connections with banks, and gaining processing experience. As an added benefit, this is the most cost-effective alternative, as it does not need large upfront expenditures or a development crew.

Is “Payments as Service” right for you?

The most significant elements to consider when selecting a payment processing partner are availability:

  • An API that is robust
  • Pricing that is reasonable
  • Reshare terms that are flexible

However, there are at least two more important factors to consider when selecting a “Payments as Service” solution: quality support and underwriting.

You will require assistance during the first phases (for example, during merchant integration and migration) and after going live in the event of any technical difficulties or demands.

Nothing is more essential than being assigned a skilled and devoted support professional and not having to deal with call centers and being transferred from one agent to another. Failures do happen, no matter how sturdy and technically advanced the solution appears at first. As a result, obtaining timely aid and resolving challenges with their assistance is critical for every organization.

Underwriting is another key element. After you’ve established accounts for your merchants, you must ensure that your partner does not surprise you with a sudden merchant account termination. As a result, selecting a partner that can communicate and engage with you is critical to resolving any concerns with your merchants, such as unusual processing activities or an unusually high number of chargebacks.

Choosing the correct payment gateway partner may be critical to the success of your business. Therefore approach the selection of such solutions with caution.

Contact us for a demonstration of UniPay’s “Payments as Service” option and price information.


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