People on Social Media Compared Kylie Jenner’s butts with Full Diaper

kylie jenner

The Kardashians and Jenners clan are used to get bad comments about their looks, lifestyle, and body. They know how to ignore all bad or hateful comments. But sometimes these comments are super annoying. Recently, social media troll target Kylie’s butt and compared them to diapers. It is nothing but an insult for the cosmetic mogul.
It is not the first time that people commented on her curves and butts. Before that, they accused her of cosmetic surgery. Some fans claim that she has some cosmetic surgery due to which her curves are so perfect. They claim all such things based on the track record of Kardashians and Jenners. Women of this family often undergo surgery. The 22-year-old self-made billionaire already confirmed about her lip surgery. It won’t be a surprise if she confesses later about her butt or flat tummy surgery.
Stormi mother posted a picture of her in the blue bikini where she lounges on her stomach. At her left side, you can see her Cosmetic birthday collection. People didn’t notice the box much. However, what they saw the most is her back.
Trolls are body shaming Jenner for her curves. Some compared her butts with diaper while others accused her of a cosmetic procedure.
one harsh comment was, “I think your diaper is full.”
Another disrespectful comment comes with a humor sense attach to it, “Time to change your diaper baby girl.”
It is indeed classless to compare a girl’s butt with a full diaper. People are so judgemental on social media; they don’t care what they are saying. They don’t mind making fun of celebrities and their curves. They have no idea how bad it sounds.
Some people even said that she has some cosmetic procedure done on her back.
“Mm she needs to tone it down on the butt implants,” one person said.
Another commented, “She doesn’t even look natural,” even though no one asked. Another said, “I feel pain in my ass by just looking at this pic.”
Kylie didn’t respond to these comments. But of course she read all of them, and she doesn’t like this kind of attack on her butts.

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