Rihanna is Releasing new Song “Private Loving” very Soon


Fans of BadGalRiri will surely feel excited to know that they can listen to a new song of their favorite music artist soon. It’s been almost three years that we didn’t hear from the singer. She was busy in her business and other stuff. New fan account suggests that Riri has registered a new song called “Private Loving”.
This track looks valid because British singer Monique Lawz and Jamaican artist Demarco are credited as songwriters for this list on social media and they reacted to it. These rumors of new music album of Riri start circulating with speed on the internet just when singer unfollowed Tidal on Instagram. She followed Spotify on the same day. Although the singer didn’t say anything about this social media activity, Spotify felt great and warmly welcome its new follower.
Rihanna already confirmed in May that she didn’t have any title in mind for the new album so that she can name it R9.
During an interview, she said, “I’m about to call it that probably, ’cause they have haunted me with this ‘R9, R9, when is R9 coming out? How will I accept another name after that’s been burned into my skull?”
According to a news source, this new album might come with two records. According to that source, Riri is working on two albums: one will bring chart-friendly songs while another album is full of moody and experimental tracks. “She is considering releasing a double disc if she feels the songs won’t mesh well on the same album.”
So, are you guys ready for a new album from Rihanna?


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