PUBG Lite Version Vs Original Version: What Advantage Lite Version Having Since Release?

PUBG Lite Version Vs Original Version: What Advantage Lite Version Having Since Release?


The PUBG PC version is the main base of this famous game. And it is a very essential version of today’s famous PUBG game. Although most of the fans want to play the game on their system this may cause problems. One of these obstacles is the requirement of the PUBG game.

Because the game has need of some high requirements like a very fast internet connection to play the game efficiently. However, by keeping in view these problems PUBG is going to release a lite version for low ended devices. And this PUBG Lite can play on both devices PC and mobile.

Whereas by launching this lite version the original PUBG is putting itself in danger. Because this PUBG lite is very easy to use for fans. And it has a very friendly user interface that is quite smooth and light. But PUBG Lite also has some glitches but users are ignoring it.

Besides all, PUBG lite has a more good level of graphics than the emulator version of the game. Whereas the emulator version is a pc version of this mobile game. Therefore, PUBG lite is a mix of the PC version and emulator version. So, if the user of the game has no access to PUBG original then he likes to play PUBG lite than emulator version of the game.

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Moreover, the main benefit of the PUBG lite is that it requires normal hardware to run as required by the emulator. On the other hand, PUBG lite is directly affecting the sales of the original PUBG PC. As the PUBG Lite is available for free and the original is available at the cost of $14.

Therefore, it will surely decrease the sales of the original franchise. So, fans find the PUBG Lite more light and smooth as compared to the original franchise. As it requires low space on hardware. And it can be run smoothly on normal speed internet connection.


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