Quarantine Stereotypes That You Can Totally Relate To

Quarantine Stereotypes

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to take shelter in our homes and not venture out for a long time. Many countries and states are in complete lockdown, and curfews have been imposed. (mytravelintuscany.com) A lot of people are under self-quarantine or imposed quarantine. This is being done in order to flatten the infection curve. The popular content creator ‘Dude Perfect’ put out a funny video making of fun of different Quarantine Stereotypes.

Most offices have asked their employees to work from home and only essential services are running. This increased time at home has not been kind to us all. People are doing all sorts of crazy things. Even the people who venture out are afraid of contracting the Coronavirus. During this period, a lot of Quarantine Stereotypes have come up about how people are behaving. Read on to find out which one might be you.

The Home Office

Most of the companies have shut down their offices and asked their employees to work from home. This has made things a little crazy. Some people are juggling between multiple video calls. Others have been stretched thin trying to hold back to back meetings through video-calling apps. Plus, since everyone is at home, there is no dearth of interruptions during the meeting. The spouse or the kids may be regularly dropping in on your meetings to make special appearances. Worse still, there may be no place inside the house where you can take an important call in peace. People under this category are trying their best to be efficient with work even while being at home.

The Binge Watchers

This is the most famous among the Quarantine Stereotypes. The people in this category don’t know what day it is or what time of the day it is. They just sit in front of the TV and watch Netflix all the way. They binge on their favorite series and movies all the time and do nothing else. These people can be found surrounded by snacks and drinks with empty packets strewn all around. They have watched certain shows and movies multiple times and still plan to watch them again. Most importantly, they have seen almost all the good shows. They are now at a level to give recommendations to Netflix.

Safety Stanley

This is by far the most amusing among all the Quarantine Stereotypes. No matter how hard you try, you will have to step out of the house at some point in time to buy essentials. The Safety Stanley is anyone who steps out of the house with innovative ways to keep people away. The Safety Stanley can be found wearing flamboyant headgear so that people cannot approach him or her. All this is done in the name of safety so that social distancing can be maintained.

The New Hobby Guy

This quarantine has given all of us a lot of free time on our hands. Some people are trying to utilize this time well to pick up new hobbies or explore older ones. While this may seem like a good way to spend time, we just hate the fact of how they never stop talking about. The New Hobby guy is anyone who will pick up a new hobby and then Instagram about it every day. Worse still, this kind of person may call you and then keep on talking about their new hobby. This is the most annoying one out of all the Quarantine Stereotypes.

The Conspiracy Theorist

We all have a little too much free time this quarantine. Hence a lot of people are becoming conspiracy theory nuts. The conspiracy theory that Coronavirus was created in a lab in China is being popularly believed. Some sources in the media are even adding fuel to the fire by saying it’s a Bio-weapon. The Conspiracy Theorist is someone who believes in this and other conspiracy theories. Some people take it a step further and start believing in random conspiracy theories about things like aliens as well.

The Gamer

Your family at home needs you during this trying time but so does your squad. The Gamer is someone who prioritises gaming matches with the squad over other things. This is the kind of person who slips out of bed in the middle of the night just to have a gaming match. While gamers may be having the time of their lives, they tend to ignore other important things.

The Hoarder

The quarantine and lockdown have us all worried about the availability of essential supplies. The Hoarder takes it to the next level by hoarding huge amounts of supplies. Stocking up on supplies for the month is normal, but buying 40 stacks of toilet paper is not.

Mr Instagram Challenge

This quarantine has gotten us to newer levels of boredom. Some people try to alleviate this performing new challenges coming up on Instagram. Some people may even put out their own challenges and challenge others to do them. While this may seem positive and motivating, people take it to another level. Doing a 20-second plank and then challenging Stephen Hawking to do it doesn’t really bode well.

The Zoom Call

This is probably your boss. People in authoritative positions are holding meetings over Zoom for even the smallest things. Things that could have been done or cleared over an email now require you to get on a Zoom call. While this may seem like a good idea to your boss, it is just plain annoying and a waste of time. Getting on multiple Zoom calls daily can be counter-productive.

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Final Thoughts

Quarantine Stereotypes was an entertaining video put out by Dude Perfect. This video also discussed a lot of other stereotypes like Mr Home Gym, the Walkers, Tik Tok Dad, and more. It also touched base with a lot of activities like Quarantine Birthdays, Homeschooling and Home haircuts. These activities weren’t popular before the quarantine. This video also served as a fundraiser as at the end of the video, the creators asked people to donate to help feed America.


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