Rambo V: Last Blood Trailer and Plot Info Revealed

rambo v

Rambo V: Last Blood is the fifth and probably be the last film of Rambo franchise. Last day, its trailer goes on air at Cannes. It is time to know more about this upcoming Rambo movie.

Rambo V official film trailer released at Cannes Film Festivals last day. This trailer was a part of a special celebration where Sylvester’s work and contribution in this Rambo franchised is showed off.

Rambo: Last Blood brings Rambo back in the movie, but now he is an aged man. John Rambo is making a plan for the final fight. The tone of Last Blood seems similar to the Rambo: First Blood (1982). It seems that filmmaker wants to end the story, which started in 1982. Therefore he brought dark and gritty tone again in the last film of the franchise.

Rambo V: Last Blood Plot

This upcoming movie of Rambo Franchise will bring a different kind of battles which you have already seen in old installments. The film will begin with John Rambo, who is living a quiet life in a farm, he is coping up with severe mental and physical issues.

Therefore, he needs a caretaker Maria who is an old friend. When Maria’s daughter kidnapped by a sex-trafficking cartel. Rambo has to make rescue plans for all those girls. He joined hand with a reporter whose sister also kidnapped by the same cartel.

Adrian Grunberg is the director of  Rambo V while Matt Cirulnick and Stallone penned the script.  Avi Lerner, Trevor Short, and Boaz Davidson are the executive producers.

Release date

The production of Last Blood  is done, and you will see this movie in theaters on September 20th.


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