The 100’s Star Clarke is Dead, Making a Come back with Josephine’s mind

The 100

This week, we saw a huge twist in the 100 when the leading star Clarke is gone dead. The crazy hero switch happened when Clarke body got Josephine’s mind implant. Now the question is whether Clarke is gone for good forever. Will she come back? What to expect from this brand new Clarke character?

I’m sure that there are questions bombardment in the minds of fans; I also had the same problems in mind when I watched the episode. This hero switch twist was mind shaking, indeed. Let’s find some questions.

When fans saw that Clarke’s body had got a new mind, they started wishing that Clarke got her mind and body back somehow. However, showrunner might not have a plan to bring Clarke back anytime soon. Whether Clarke will come back or not, it is a difficult question. However,  Eliza Taylor – Clarke brought some clarity, she said

“At this point, Clarke is, for all intents and purposes, dead, Whether or not they can get her back though is the question, and whether or not anyone’s even going to notice that she’s not Clarke anymore. Josephine is pretty cunning, so it’s going to be interesting.”

As far as Josephine is concerned, we got to meet her in Ep “Red Sun Rising.” Now she will show a new side of her with Clarke’s body. She is going to take advantage of Clarke’s loved one by making them think that everything is just working fine.

“Josephine is overly confident in the way she thinks that she can portray Clarke. She is going to run into some hurdles. There’s so much that she doesn’t know about the Spacekru. She’s probably going to stumble upon trouble,” Taylor said.

“Josephine’s different from Clarke in almost every way, apart from the part that they’re both incredibly smart and studious,” she added. “Josephine’s more sociopathic, I would say. Clarke is incredibly compassionate and caring for others. So for me, getting to play someone who is manipulative and deceitful was a delight.”

Now we will have to watch The 100 Episode 5, in which we will see Josephine in action. She might get success in deceiving the Clarke’s loved one and group but we just hope that her friends realize it soon that she is not what she said she is.

Fans are anxiously waiting for the next episode as they want to see how Josephine get settled in Clarke’s body. We will be able to see a new side of Clarke character. It would be challenging for Taylor to portray a new character with an old body. What do you think?


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