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GMAT Prep and MBA Admissions

The domain of providing MBA admissions service and GMAT prep has its definite challenges because this industry is one of extreme responsibility as it helps shape a student’s career. However, Experts’ Global is the one firm that has ably streamlined these specific challenges and developed a system, so specific and robust, that a student can avail of the most complete and comprehensive guidance when it comes to preparing for GMAT and applying for MBA. 

Experts’ Global was founded in 2008, and over the decade, the firm’s repute has grown in leaps and bounds. Over the years, thousands of students, from over 50 countries have benefitted from having availed of Experts’ Global’s services. 

Experts’ Global – The Company

The basic principle guiding Experts’ Global is the intention to deploy state-of-the-art technology to provide the necessary learning. An EdTech firm, Experts’ Global was founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, in 2008. Since then, the firm has attained recognition and repute, globally. For having set the benchmark in providing quality GMAT prep online and MBA admissions consulting, the firm has also become internationally competitive. No doubt, the firm has already serviced 1000s of students from all corners of the world. The team of passionate and highly qualified mentors at the firm takes immense pride in their services they accord to the students:

Online GMAT Preparation

Experts’ Global’s GMAT prep online program is the most comprehensive GMAT training program. With 300+ videos on concepts on GMAT and  4000+ GMAT practice questions, this package equips the student with the most efficient way to prepare for GMAT. A crucial factor is that Experts’ Global has ensured that the tests in this online prep series are as identical to the GMAT question types, including the scope of concepts they cover, their complexity and difficulty, style of presentation, etc., as possible. Even the scoring pattern, a knowledge that remains undisclosed by GMAC, has been replicated by the Experts’ Global test developer team. The testing screen is identical to the GMAT test screen with full-screen layout and similar graphics and control. The tests even have a timer that turns red when you spend too much time on a question. Thus, with the Experts’ Global online GMAT prep series, you are not only learning the GMAT concepts but also building endurance to the real test-taking environment, a crucial factor in developing the test-taking strategy. 

GMAT Mock Tests

15 full-length GMAT mock tests are another aspect that sets apart the Experts’ Global GMAT online prep program. The higher number of mock tests helps the student attain the necessary competence and confidence before taking the exam. These mock tests, too, are strikingly similar to the GMAT questions, as are the practice questions in the series. That the scoring algorithm is also identical is confirmed by the reports of congruency in GMAT mock test scores and the actual GMAT scores of the students.  These test series are also strengthened with a performance analysis software that reads individual performance after each test or even a series of tests to recommend the points of improvement to the student. 

GMAT Classroom Program

Besides, you can opt for the GMAT classroom preparation program. These classes are held in the business center of a premium hotel in Noida and conducted by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, a 99th percentile holder in GMAT. Mr. Srivastava’s passion for teaching has inspired these classes and the students attest to the enriching classroom environment. The students attending the GMAT prep classes also get access to the online GMAT prep resources. However, these classes are conducted in only 2 batches, of 15 students each, in a year, as Experts’ Global believes in allowing maximum attention to individual students.

Consulting for MBA Admissions

Experts’ Global’s MBA admissions consultancy practice believes in the premise of approaching each individual case with utmost attention and care. Hence, the firm is run on a boutique system, whereby only a small number of students are catered to every year. This helps the mentors provide maximum care and help to the students. Besides, the firm provides end-to-end admissions consultancy, that is to say, the firm ensures that each aspect of the MBA application process is duly taken care of: keeping a tab of the application requirements and deadlines, preparing resume, essays, helping with the recommendation letters, shortlisting school, interview preparation, etc. every nuanced feature of the application process is handled by the Experts’ Global MBA admission consultants. That this dedicated focused approach has proven to be a successful one is evidenced by the fact that Experts’ Global’s applicants have secured admission to each of the world’s top-ranked 150 B-schools. 

Exclusive Consulting for ISB Admissions

Indians, who do not wish to apply for MBA abroad, prefer the top-ranked ISB PGP; statistics claim that almost half the Indians who take the GMAT aim for ISB. The ISB admission process, as with every school, tends to be distinctive. For example, ISB does not ask for a resume but only 2 essays, with defined word-limit, and these essays are the only documents that present the complete candidature of a student to the admissions committee. With Experts’ Global exclusive ISB admissions consultancy service, students can be well assured of easily navigating this nuanced procedure. This is further testified by the fact that the firm has secured a 90% interview call-back rate for its ISB students, every year. 

Training for MBA Admission Interview 

MBA admissions interviews are a critical part of the application process and Experts’ Global, aware of the value of a good interview in impacting decisions, have designed an effective MBA admission interview training program. Divided into 3 phases, the MBA admissions interview training begins with educating the student in the nuances of a good interview: the mannerisms and style that characterize a good interview. This is then followed by a series of mock interview session conducted by an interview mentor, based on the responses of the student to a comprehensive list of frequently asked MBA admissions interview questions. Each of these sessions is followed by feedback on performance that helps the student identify the points of improvement.  



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