Resurrection remix os: The best and customized Operating System for your Android 

resurrection remix os


Nowadays, smartphones, tablet computers are very much available. In the past, it was not very easy to think about the availability of smartphones. Whatever technologies have built up so fast that we can’t have a single day without a smartphone. Also, a good smartphone is a combination of software and hardware. Also, an operating system is needed to continue a good relation between hardware and software that operate the smartphone’s design. Thus, if you want to buy a good smartphone, then you should choose an optimized android operating system. And resurrection remix os would be the best pick for you.

What is an Os

We said before that a device is a combination of some hardware and software. Also, an important thing is the Operating System. An operating system is an interface. It works between hardware and user. It mainly manages different types of activity in devices, like time management, file processing, memory processing, input and output managing, etc. Also, it works with different kinds of small appliances like drives, etc.

So if we consider the skeleton as hardware and organs like the heart, lung as software, then Operating System (OS) is considered as blood. So now, we all can realize that without blood, skeleton and organs are useless. There are many operating systems like Linux OS, Windows OS, Resurrection Remix OS, etc. All OS are not suitable for all devices. (Ultram)

From the beginning of Resurrection Remix OS

Resurrection Remix OS is a controlling system of android devices. It’s developed through two amazing man Altan KRK & Varun Date started this in the year two thousand twelve. And they released their first OS in 2012 for android version 4.0.x, which was known as Ice Cream Sandwich. And think about what happened next. It became one of the popular ROM. It was made for the Samsung Galaxy S2 model in the beginning, and it doesn’t disappoint the developers. 

Altan didn’t stop there. He continues to develop his OS for Gelly Bean (Android version 4.4.2). Shubhang, a UX designer, gave a new idea to Altan, and they started to build their OS for 4.4.x (Kitkat). From the joining of Subhanag, the RR (Resurrection Remix ) OS found a new dimension. And they created a website for Resurrection Remix OS. After that, from android version 5.0 Lollipop another. UX designers Akhil, Brian, Varun joined With Resurrection Remix OS team. Till then, they are going upwards.


RR has released their latest OS for Android version 10. And its name is RR version 8.0. It’s one of the popular OS for Android users. Some cool features made this OS more attractive. Many of us are not aware of it. So let’s have a look at this cool and exciting features


It’s every version that is stable for android. Also, it is one of the main reasons for becoming a favorite to users.

Always get the latest update 

Users will always get the latest of the Oreo/Pie/Q android source code and security updates which makes it more user

Available for a vast number of devices

It is supported by about all the devices that are favorite for users.

Its source code is open

Its source code is open and available at Github. Have a visit.

Big Community for any queries

You can join resurrection remix’s official Facebook group and Twitter to get the latest news.

Updates are available on  over the air(OTA)

The users can get the update version over-the-air.

Battery Friendly Optimization 

One of the most battery friendlies optimized OS.++++

Customized for your android

One of the most customizable OS you can imagine out-of-the-box!


Altan KRK

Altan is the Founder of Team RR. He is also a UX Designer and Head Developer of Resurrection Remix OS, Who started the journey.

Varun Date 

He is the device maintainer and also a UX Designer and Head Developer of RR.

Shubhang Rathore

He is from Bengaluru, India. He is a Website Designer, Developer, and Maintainer of RR.

Akhil Narang

He is another device maintainer and Developer of RR.

Brian Koluch 

Device Maintainer and Developer

Latest features on update 

Resurrection Remix OS team has published their latest OS for Android with many new features. Let’s have a look 


  • You will get access to enabling /disabling your navigation bar easily. Also, you can control Pulse, Fling from your customized smart bar. Lastly, another cool feature is you can sleep the navbar by double-tapping on the screen.
  • In the meantime, you can control your brightness with a brightness slider. Also, enable/ disable your notification count, user indicator switch from the status bar.
  • You can set your time & date, also from google update, date format, and your clock font styles from your customized clock tool.
  • Get your battery percentage on the status bar from the battery icon bar.
  • The network traffic indicator will indicate your network strength by changing its color.
  • On the top of the screen, you will get a RR logo from it’s OS. Besides, it can custom it’s color, size, and position.
  • Another cool feature is always getting the latest update of weather from your status bar. Also, you can change the size and logo of weather
  • Thus new exciting animations in your power menu and system.


  • Swipe three fingers, and you can take a screenshot. Also, you can use your cool gesture anywhere.


  • From the new app circle, you can choose any app that you want to open at any time.


  • Finally, you will get a customized clearing all button from the recent panel where you can close all the tasks.
  • In the lockscreen, RR has brought many cool features. Like 100+ icons for shortcuts, double-tap to wake up and sleep, weather and quick pin and pattern are there as always
  • Also, in the quick setting bar, you can customize your app tiles, adjust tiles animations, customize the column, and row numbers. 

Available devices 

So you can’t wait to install Resurrection Remix OS in your android smartphone? Let’s have a look at which devices get the opportunity to establish this exciting OS.

Google  : Google’s all the popular phone 

Motorola : The whole G series of Moto

Oneplus : All the available devices of One plus

Xiaomi :  Most of Xiaomi’s mid-range setup

Samsung : Most of the S Series Phones

How to install Resurrection Remix 

Installing a custom ROM is not always an easy process. Also, some critical files are needed to download to install this custom. Let’s have a look at that.



  • An Android device with Project treble Support
  • You must have the latest TWRP installed on your specific device. 
  • Your bootloader must be unlocked.
  • Charge your device above 90 percent or full.
  • Make sure that you have a backup of your data cause installing a new from will remove all your data.
  • Enable your developer option from the settings.
  • Download the latest ADB and Fastboot on your system, which is preferable for your device.


Installation process


First Step: Download the Resurrection Remix OS 6.0 zip file on your device.

Second Step: Download the suitable GApps which are compatible with your device. (ARM or                          


Third Step: Connect your device with your PC via USB cables. Make sure that you have installed Android USB drivers on your PC.


Fourth Step: Now transfer the RR OS and the GApps to your phone’s storage or SD card.

Fifth Step : Now disconnect your device from the PC and power it off.

Sixth Step : Now boot your phone into TWRP with a particular button combination.

Seventh Step  : Now in TWRP go to ‘Wipe’ > ‘Advanced Wipe’ > ‘Swipe to wipe’.

Eighth Step  : Go to the main screen and click ‘Install.’

Ninth Step  : Navigate the phone’s storage where the ROM Zip file is situated.

Tenth Step  : After that, click ‘Add More Zips’ and select the GApps package this time.

Eleventh Step  : All the files will be added to the flashing queue.

Twelfth Step : Swipe the button on ‘Install Resurrection Remix 6.0 on your device.’

Thirteenth Step : After the flashing, hit the ‘Reboot System.’

Benefits of Resurrection Remix OS

so, a question came in every mind that there are many in the technological world. So why will people choose Resurrection Remix OS for their android phone? The answer is here below

  • User friendly

Its OS is always easy to operate. That’s why users want to get the os 

  • Phone optimized 

Its OS is still manageable with your smartphones.

  • Long-lasting battery

You will get a good battery backup that will be helpful for your regular use  

  • Good performance of gaming

Nowadays, the mobile gaming industry has established a lot. Also, for mobile gaming Resurrection Remix OS is helpful. Less frame dropping, no lagging will make your mobile gameplay more enjoyable.

  • User Community

A user community so that you can get suggestions anytime if you face any difficulties.

  • Available developers to help you.

Established sites like Github, XDA developers are always there to help you.

Disadvantages of Resurrection Remix OS

Using a custom ROM is always a risk for any smartphone. Though RR is very much optimized with any smartphones, there are still many problems that the users face. Many oneplus users have said that they have faced issues in installing apps. Some of them did not open also, reinstalling did not make any change to this problem. Fingerprint sensors and home screen buttons did not respond well. Also, some features are useless. Battery draining is unpredictable. Moreover, often, the phone became slow in using this OS. The phone produces heat too for its OS. 

Developers of Resurrection Remix OS

Resurrection Remix OS is one of the very much used operating systems in the world. So it’s developers are always ready to give you more exciting and update features on your smartphones. Also, you can ask for help if you face any problem. You can ask for help in XDA developers, Github, for any queries. Also, it is an opensource license to use, which is available in Github.

Frequently Asked Question 

Question : Is resurrection remix os available for PC or IOS?

Answer : No, resurrection remix os is only available for android. But you can use RR 

                         through an emulator like Bluestacks, Memo, etc.

Question : Is Resurrection Remix OS harmful to your android?

Answer : No. No users have claimed that they are facing problems in using this OS.

Question : Do I need to pay to get this OS?

Answer : No. It is free to use. 

Question : Is there any need to make a backup while installing this os?

Answer : Yes, because while installing this os, your phone will clear your previous data

                         on your phone.


Android devices are now mostly used in the world. Though there are several IOS and windows users, android is the easiest to operate. Also, people love to use android devices. That’s why it is essential to make a user friendly a, nd phone optimized Operating system that will conduct your smartphone. Resurrection Remix OS is there to help you to the OS you want. A user-friendly, easy operating system, long battery backup, customization of gesture, status bar, notification bar, notify, cation light, and many more that yo, you want. Also, you will get all of these from one operating system that is Resurrection Remix OS. So what are you waiting for? Just install the OS following the steps mentioned above and enjoy your smartphone experience.


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