Rocketman: When Will Be Airing In UK And More Updates!

Have more details about the upcoming biographical movie of a musician as "Rocketman"

Rocketman UK

This is an upcoming American biographical show that explores the previous years of Elton Johns. It will show the life history of a musician. Dexter Fletcher will chair the seat of direction for the movie. And the writer of the Rocketman will be written by Lee Hall. The movie will hit the cinema screens very soon in this month.

As the Rocketman shed light on the life of a musician. Therefore, fans of the music will wait anxiously for the movie. Fans of the Rocketman resident in the UK will have the movie one week before as from those who are living in the USA.

Rocketman Trailer

The premiere of the movie will release its premiere on 16th May 2019. You can view the official trailer below.

Rocketman Plot

The movie will show the whole time period of Elton John’s life. It will show how the Elton will cover the journey from an unknown to a world’s famous musician. Rocketman will also show the most aggressive partnership of Elton with Bernie Taupin.

The whole movie will show the problems and difficulties Elton have to face during his journey towards success. The show will also explore his emotional relations with his mother and his love John Reid. Who is a manager in his office?

Although, you already have seen many biographical movies of musicians. But you will find it more interesting. And if you will find it good than mentioning your comment below in the box.

Rocketman Cast

Now, if we are talking about the star cast then it includes some famous names of the stars. Here I will show you the whole star cast of the movie.

  • Richard Madden as John Reid
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Sheila Eileen
  • Gemma Jones as Ivy
  • Stephen Graham as Dick James

The show time of the movie will be for two hours and twenty-one minutes.

Rocketman Release Date

The movie will be airing on 24th May 2019. For the fans from the USA will have the movie in cinemas on 31st May 2019.


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