Knightfall Season 3 Might Get Cancelled As Viewership Numbers Decrease By 50% per Reports!

Knightfall Season 3: Cancelled may be canceled due to lowest rating.

Knightfall Season 3

This was a good series with admirable acting. But it will able to recognize the outcome for just about every mystery or open end the show had offered.

It is a little disappointing when a show fails to surprise you over and over again. Episode endings that you are supposed to be shocking often ended up being humorous instead due to being so contrived. As the show has released its 2 seasons in the past.

Whereas several rumors are predicting that the Knightfall season 3 may be canceled due to the 50% decrease in the viewers. Knightfall is an American TV serial that is about history.

The grail was at the center of the plot, and it ends up sidelined at the very end in favor of the love triangle plot. Unlike the rest of the show. The king, who was made to be thoroughly likable throughout the entire show suddenly becomes a rather strained villain. The biggest problem is that his revenge is almost completely justified.

The first season was nice and enjoyable to watch. But season 2 has nothing that can attract the viewers. It decreases the viewership by almost 50% instantly.

Because the fights are just too unrealistic with every peasant having the specific weapon of a long sword instead of a bow of some sort. Which would be much more likely to be used, especially vs knights as common people would not be able to afford armor. And likely would not try to go up vs a knight without it.

Therefore, many shows that are putting up in the waiting list. And now it is supposed that the Knightfall may be one of them. As it is the lowest ranked series nowadays.


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