Safe Businesses To Use During Quarantine


Since we are in full quarantine mode, the question is this.  Which businesses are safe and perhaps even preferable to use during the coronavirus pandemic?

Due to the sensitivity of the time, it’s crucial to be able to differentiate between safe businesses and unsafe businesses.  However, in any situation, you will want to utilize business services with caution nonetheless.

Prohibited Businesses Can Still Be Used

In many states, even prohibited businesses can still be used.  For example, although restaurants and retail clothing stores (non-essential) are not in normal operation, it is completely ok to use these businesses in a way that promotes health.

For example, most brick and mortar clothing stores such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and others, are kicking up their online business since customers can’t visit their store in person.  Many of these stores are additionally adding enhanced benefits for shopping online or removing shipping fees to increase customer patronage.

Additionally, restaurants which have been severely impacted, are offering takeout and delivery to keep the doors open.  Many of these businesses are delivering meals free of charge and waving any other fees that may have otherwise been there.

List Of Businesses That Can Safely Be Used

Below is a list of businesses that can safely be used but which many people haven’t been sure about.

Moving Companies

Whether you can safely move during coronavirus is a question that depends on several different things.  You will want to check with your moving company in order to ensure they are following all CDC guidelines.

Whether you are doing a residential move or a commercial move, you will want to make sure your movers support the following procedures:

  • Companies should be practicing social distancing while performing services
  • Movers should be wearing proper masks and gloves to reduce rate of spread and infection
  • Moving companies should allow for paperwork to be signed digitally
  • Proper handling and transport of items should be maintained

Laundromats And Laundry Services

While using a laundromat can be a slippery slope during this time, it’s certainly an essential business.  Additionally, customers can reach out to the laundromat to ensure proper safety measures are being taken.

Another option is to use a professional wash and fold or laundry delivery service.  This ensures you will be able to have clothing and garments (such as masks and gloves) properly cleansed throughout the epidemic.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Check your laundromat’s COVID-19 statement (if they have one) to find out what they’re doing to ensure their laundromat is clean and safe
  • Ask questions about things they are doing to keep the community safe
  • Find out if they offer laundry pickup and delivery

Grocery Stores

While grocery stores are safe, they are also an essential business that needs to remain open. 

Some things you can do to maintain safety while grocery shopping:

  • Utilize personal shoppers and delivery services provided by many of the big-box supermarkets
  • Go in during slowest times
  • Wear protective gear
  • Do not touch your face at all while grocery shopping

Waste Management

Waste management is crucial during COVID-19 epidemic.  While these businesses have certainly been thriving, the question remains as to whether or not handling of junk and waste is the best idea.

For this reason, many waste management companies have certain strategies in play in order to provide a better and safer service.

If you need any type of junk hauling, you can call the company you are considering and ask some of the below questions:

  1. Has anyone on your team been exposed to COVID-19?
  2. What precautions are you taking to ensure the safety of team members and customers?
  3. Can I sign paperwork and pay online or digitally?
  4. Can you perform services without me present or in the same room?
  5. What are your cancellations policies?

US Companies and COVID-19

Many companies are feeling the impact of COVID-19 in a way that is massive.  It’s crucial to be aware of the situation and do your best to support our local businesses.

We hope we have answered some of your questions regarding the safety measures to take with such businesses during the coronavirus epidemic.  With these guidelines, we should be well on the way to a country-wide reopening.

Good luck and stay safe and healthy.


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