What Should You Do After A Car Accident?


Car accidents are dangerous,and it is quite common throughout the year and across the world. You must drive defensively to reduce your chances of being in a car accident.  Even the most careful drivers can be in a car accident due to no fault of their own. At times like these, you must make sure that justice is served, and your insurance company or the person at fault has to pay full compensation.

If you are looking for a car wreck attorney in Houston, Texas, then consider the Baumgartner Law Firm. The firm has handled thousands of car wreck cases. Here are a few suggestions for steps to take after getting into a car accident.

Things you need to do after a car accident 

After a crash, whether you have sustained minor or major injuries, there are certain steps and protocols you may want to consider. 

  • Stop: You should never drive away from an accident, no matter how minor it is. Step out of your vehicle only if you can do so safely and call the authorities. In some instances, it may be necessary for safety to move the cars to a safe location.
  • Protect the scene: You can help prevent any further accidents happening at the scene by keeping your keeping flashers on or setting up cones. You should wait in a safe place for the police or the ambulance by the side of the road. 
  • Call the police: If the accident and injuries are minor, there is no need to call for an ambulance. Instead, you can call the police to report the accident. You may have to file a police report to file an insurance claim for your medical bills or car insurance. 
  • Make an accurate record: When the police arrive, make sure you give the details of the crash accurately as it could be used as evidence in court. Do not speculate or make guesses. Furthermore, you must ensure that the statement made by the other driver is also accurate and recorded.
  • Take pictures: You can take photos of the scene of the accident to show any visible damage or visible injuries. 
  • Seek medical attention: Even if there are no life-threatening injuries, make sure that you go to the emergency room to check if there are any internal injuries when appropriate. 
  • Keep a file: Keep a record of all of your accident-related information and documents. The information may have a claim number, claim adjuster responsible for handling names and phone numbers of all contacts, or any other expenses of the accident
  • Protect your rights: Consider a consultation withan attorney to understand how to protect your rights and ensure that evidence is protected. Before giving a statement tothe insurance company, make sure you consult your attorney. You can get their advice on the claim, compensation, and medical treatment expenses. 


The information mentioned above can help you react appropriately in case of an auto accident. Furthermore, make sure that you get help from an experienced attorney when necessary.


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