Slay Your Job Resume with Epic Apps for Resume Building

Apps for Resume Building

I’m a recent college grad and have come to discover that perfecting my resume is way harder than I initially anticipated it to be. Like, seriously harder. I’ve had multiple jobs and internships, but I needed to find ways to spice up the way I presented the information on my resume. So, I turned to apps, and the following three are the ones that I have found to be the most helpful in my job search so far. Job Search – Rating: 4.4, Downloads: 1M

While isn’t necessarily a resume builder, something I’ve found in the process of applying for a bunch of jobs is that networking is key! If you want to establish yourself as a serious career man or woman, you’ll discover that friendships are a powerful tool. lets you connect with other people in your industry as well as receive notifications from the companies your friends work for when a job opening comes up.

This app is newer to me – I discovered it while searching the internet for unique job application tools – but I can honestly say it’s quickly become a resume must-have. While it doesn’t help me build my physical resume, it has offered me a wide amount of connections that I wouldn’t have had otherwise, and this means I’m able to place my resume in front of more people, which is why I’m including it on this list.

Must-Have Resume Building Apps

The one negative I will say about this app is that I sometimes have connectivity issues. There are times when I’ll log on to look at new jobs added and, for some reason, things aren’t loading properly. Then, other times, everything is right as rain. I’m not sure what’s up with that.

Pros: See jobs right when they’re posted at companies your friends already work for

Cons: Can have connectivity issues sometimes

Overall: If you love the idea of working with your friends, you’re going to really like this app, just know that there are sometimes issues with page loading

HireWire – Rating: 4, Downloads: 100K

HireWire really helped me build up my resume and improve my professional communications skills. This app allows you to create a profile that really makes you stand out from other applicants (something that’s not at all easy to do these days). Then, you can check job openings in your area as well as chat directly with employers to see if you are a match for the positions they are offering.

Just keep in mind that, just because you can see an open job position, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s super close by. If you’re like me and you don’t particularly mind commuting or moving for work, then I think you’ll be fine. If not, just make sure you’re paying attention to job locations before you apply.

Pros: Improve your professional communication skills, chat directly with employers

Cons: Jobs aren’t guaranteed to be located nearby

Overall: If you don’t mind where you work, then you’ll enjoy the professional benefits (like improved communication skills) that this app offers

Indeed Job Search – Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 50M

Regardless of your dream job, Indeed will help you find loads of available jobs in your field. There are filters so you can make specific, location-based searches for work nearby or around the world. It’s really user-friendly, so finding new positions is literally as simple as logging in. Indeed also lists both full and part-time positions, which was really helpful when I was still a student because I could find part-time work near me.

If you don’t like receiving emails, then make sure you turn off alerts, because otherwise, you will be receiving frequent email notifications about job positions you may be interested in. I found this really helpful, especially when I was first starting out because it gave me more ideas of places I could apply to. However, many emails can feel a bit overwhelming.

Pros: Filter job positions by location, offers full and part-time work

Cons: Frequent emails about potential job opportunities

Overall: As long as you don’t mind being notified multiple times throughout the day about new job opportunities, you’ll love the search functionality of this app


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