Spotify premium apk

spotify premium apk

The technology is changing entirely how we are accessing content these days. Spotify is one of the most significant entertainment services that is transforming so many things in our lives. The way we do access music, videos and other digital podcasts is completely changed by Spotify.

For those wondering what Spotify is, this is an app that allows the users to stream millions of songs from different artists in the world. There are a variety of artists to choose from, which is interesting and you will not be stuck to listening to people you don’t admire.

This is an excellent platform to discover all the music of your favourite artist and even new music from artists you have never heard of. Spotify is completely free to listen to music; however, you will need an upgrade to avoid the ads that play in between the music. 

When you register for the free account, there are so many ads which are annoying and distracting all the time and thus making you listening experience less enjoyable. Having ads in between the songs is one way in which Spotify makes their money, and if you don’t like this, you will need to upgrade to Spotify Premium to avoid the ads.

Spotify Premium is a bit expensive, and it goes for $9.99, which is not that affordable to everyone. In this article, we will highlight how to get the free Spotify Premium APK to avoid all the annoying ads and still access music all the music content you want. This article will also highlight some of the advantages of Spotify Premium APK and its disadvantages.

Apart from that, we will highlight some of the features which make Spotify one of the best streaming platforms to use. This will be a complete dissect of the Spotify Premium APK which will help you understand it more. 


Downloading Spotify Premium APK is so simple, and this application comes with a lot of amazing features that you will enjoy. To download the app, you will need to go to a trusted APK site like

This site offers the users a simple interface to use, therefore getting the application you want is pretty simple. At the search engine, you can type Spotify Premium APK and click on the download link to start downloading the APK. Within a few minutes, depending on your internet connection, the download will be done, and the application will be downloaded to your phone.  

After downloading the application, the next thing that you will need to do is install the application on your phone. Installing is pretty simple, but the first thing is disabling the unknown application installs which happen to block applications most times. This is at the settings and when you do disable that you will be ready to start installing the app on your phone. Click install, and the application will begin installing and within a few seconds Spotify Premium APK will be installed on your phone, and you will be ready to start using it. 



The main advantage of Spotify Premium APK is that you don’t experience any ads when listening to music or anything. This is one of the biggest benefits I love because we all know how ads can sometimes be annoying.

Therefore, when listening to music using the Spotify Premium APK, you will not be experiencing any interrupting music at all. Ads are not generally boring, but there are times we want to be dived into experiencing music, and we don’t want to deal with brands trying to hard sell to us. When you are using the free app, you will always experience ads every second of the song, and these ads keep popping up all the time.

This is a disadvantage because at the end of that song I will be you will have listened to more ads than any lyrics to that song. The Spotify Premium APK will guarantee you unlimited music with no interruption at all, and this is great as all you have to do listen to your favourite tracks without any interruptions at all. 


When you are using the free version, there are somethings that you are not able to do, and that includes skipping tracks. The free version does not allow the users to skip a certain number of tracks with a one-hour window. For example, you are not allowed to skip about six songs within one hour, which is a very big disadvantage.

This is a disadvantage because you will have to be dealing with music that you are not a fan of. The good thing about the Spotify Premium APK is you don’t have any limitation to the number of music that you can skip, and you can skip even hundreds. This is great as you don’t have to deal with an annoying song that has been queued on your list. The ability to skip tracks on your list is one of the biggest advantages that you will ever get with the premium feature. 


One great drawback that you will find with the Spotify free is you are not allowed to choose some songs to listen to on the playlist.

This is seriously one of the worst things that you can get with the Spotify free, and you are only restricted to listening to only some songs on the playlist. In Spotify free, the songs are in shuffle mode, and you are also limited to skipping only six songs within one hour.

The Spotify Premium APK allows you to skip and choose any song that you want, which is fantastic. You are not restricted to listening to some annoying songs that you don’t like which is fantastic. You can choose any song on the playlist and start looking at it, which is incredible. This is a great advantage of using the Spotify Premium APK. 


If there is one thing that you will not like at all is the fact that you are listening to your favourite song with bad quality sound. The quality of the sound that you are looking to is a big determiner in how you are experiencing the sound. The Spotify Premium APK is one of the best methods to listen to music too as it allows you to experience the best sound of your favourite tracks.

The sound here is completely different from the one that you get when listening to music from Spotify free. In Spotify free, you will be listening to music that is about 128Kbps bitrate which is a low-quality sound, and you will not be getting some elements which are so great. On the other hand, the Spotify Premium APK allows the users to stream music at 320Kbps bitrate, which is a pretty high-quality sound, and it’s fantastic. If you happen to be someone who appreciates listening to music at high quality Spotify Premium APK is the application that you should get. 


One thing that you will always note is you are not accessible to the internet all the time. With this in mind, you will always need a backup when it comes to entertainment which is almost like a priority to avoid boredom.

That is why it’s essential to be able to download music and be able to listen to it while in offline mode, which is great. Spotify Premium APK offers the users the ability to download music, and when they are offline, they can be able to listen.

This is an excellent feature, and it’s very different from the Spotify free, which does not allow the users to download music and listen while offline. I love this feature as it gives the users a lot of flexibility like no other and it’s of great advantage being able to listen to music offline anytime you want to do so.  


When listening to music, you are not only jamming to the good beats but also the awesome lyrics that the song has. One great advantage of using the Spotify Premium APK is the ability to access lyrics to the song you are listening to.

This is awesome because it allows you to know exactly what your favourite band or musicians are saying which is fantastic. Knowing the lyrics word by word is also a saviour when it comes to singing karaoke in clubs as you will know how the song goes.

I love this feature, and I happen to be using it a lot as it is an excellent feature that you get with Spotify. The lyrics are displayed awesomely, and reading them is a breeze as the song continues playing. There are a lot of excellent features with Spotify Premium APK that you can take advantage of which is fantastic, but the listed ones are the main ones that make Spotify Premium APK stand out. 



One great advantage of Spotify Premium APK is the vast access to music that you have. This is one of the most significant advantages of the premium version. There are a lot of musicians that you can discover and enjoy most of the music.

The other thing is you have access to several albums, and that is millions of albums that are available to you to choose. Things are becoming different, and this is something that you could not think of back in the days where you will be able to access lots of music. 


When thinking about applications, the first thing that always comes in mind is how simple it is to use that application. The Spotify Premium APK is a very simple application to use, and it does not take a while to figure out how to go around the application.

There is a search engine that allows you to easily search for an album that you want to listen to or an artist. Almost everything that is on the application is almost straight-forward, which is excellent. If you happen to be a first-time user of this application, you will not face a lot of trouble figuring out how to get around the application and what each element does on the app. 


We did discuss how music is essential in our lives, and that does not mean just having some crap music. Excellent sound is one of the best things that you will always want with your phone, which is fantastic.

When you have a high quality of sound, there is just a different kind of feeling that you get and the experience is incredible. The Spotify Premium APK is a great app that you can use to listen to the best quality of sound, and it’s a fantastic application to have on your phone. 


Ads are so boring, and if they keep popping up all the time when listening to music or a podcast, then you will be bored easily. Spotify Premium APK does not have adverts in between the music or any other content on their site, which is a great advantage. The users can listen to the content without getting interrupted at all, and that feeling is so amazing. 



One drawback of using Spotify Premium APK is there is a chance that the application is limited in your country. Some countries are not allowed to access Spotify, which is a significant disadvantage as you will miss out on the excellent music you have access to. 


The ability to download music and listen to it while in offline mode is great, but there is a disadvantage to it too. When your premium expires, you are not able to have access to offline music. 


To conclude, Spotify Premium APK is a great app to have, and it can allow you to have access to several artists and discover more music. We have highlighted how to download the app, some of its features, advantages and also some drawbacks. 


Why get the Spotify Premium APK? 

The applications give you excellent features like no ads, high quality sound and many more which is fantastic.  

Can you create a playlist? 

The application allows the users to create their playlist, which is fantastic.


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