Why Online Picture Framing is the Future

Online Picture Framing

Photographs are a great way to preserve our memories. Memories are after all one thing that we can leave behind for future generations and tell our story. Over the last decade, photographs have crossed over from the physical form to digital form. Both have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Some people prefer the old physical form which you can put in albums and hold in your hands whereas others prefer to have their photographs in digital format. However, there is an increasing demand today for online picture framing services as more and more people have started coming online for all of their needs.

Why is Online Picture Framing So Popular?

There is always something about framing a photograph or an artwork that offers a certain amount of sophistication and a visual appeal. It not only keeps the photograph or artwork safe, but it also adds to its aesthetic value. A decade ago, you had to travel all the way to a store and choose from the limited number of designs to choose a picture frame.

Today all that has changed, thanks to technology and the digital revolution. There are plenty of high-quality online framing services that allow you to choose from a mind-boggling number of designs, shapes, utility and more from the comfort of your own home. These services offer a ton of convenience, high quality products and affordable price points. All you need is a computer or a mobile phone with internet and you are good to go.

How Does It Work? 

Every company will have its unique process for helping you buy the right frame.

1)   Choose a Frame – Reputable online picture framing services will have different types of frames on their website. Print frames, canvas frames, box frames, etc. are some of the common types of frames you see online. Once you find the right category, you can check out the various options inside and pick the one you like.

2)   Check the Size – Most of the frames will come in different sizes and you will need to find the one that best suits your needs. Some services offer custom frames that allow you to provide the required specifications and they will make a frame based on your requirements.

3)   Color – Each frame will also usually have different color options for you to choose from. Some services even provide frames in different textures and finishes. It varies from one company to another. Some might not have color options for all frames. So you need to check out different websites before choosing your pick.

4)   Upload a Picture – This option is available in most online services. Those that do won’t require you to choose a frame size as they will be doing it for you. There might be certain limitations or rules to follow on the dimensions of the picture you have to send. Make sure you follow them.

5)   Wait for Your Frame – This is probably the toughest bit as you need to wait for the frame to be shipped and delivered to your footstep.

Not all online framing companies work in the same way and there might be changes here and there.

What Are the Different Picture Framing Options Available Online?

This is the best part of an online picture framing service. You get a ton of really cool options which would never be possible with a physical store. Some of the popular frame types found in online stores are:

1)   Multiple Picture Frame – These frames allow you to keep multiple pictures locked within the frame. They are ideal for housing a collection of photos or artwork based on the same theme or the same event such as family gatherings, parties, vacation and so on. Some websites even allow you to customize it completely according to your interest which includes the layout, mounts, colors and textures.

2)   Digital Canvas Prints – In this one, you need to upload the picture and choose the right specifications. You can either have it housed in a frame or go completely frameless as per your needs. The frameless option is more suited for displaying artwork but it makes for a very cool photo frame as well.

3)   Box Display Frames – These frames are better suited for displaying items that have depth like golf balls, cool school projects and wedding mementos. They are also perfect to be given as a gift to your loved ones and friends to celebrate special occasions and events.

4)   Canvas Floater Frames – These are better suited for artworks, both digital and traditional. They make the artwork look as if it is floating and add a lot of visual ambiance to any environment, they are put in.

What about Printing Options and Textures?

Most online picture framing services give you a variety of digital printing options too such as:

1)   Semi Matte Photographic Paper – This gives the picture a premium feel and is one of the most popular options for getting high quality prints. If color and definition are what you seek, then this is the paper you need your picture to be printed on.

2)   Ultra Smooth Fine Art Paper – This is more suited for digital artworks as it gives great color gradation.

3)   Metallic Paper – This gives a metallic look to the texture and provides an exceptionally great tonal-range and wide color gamut. This is better suited for photography professionals or enthusiasts who love to hang their work in their homes or in exhibitions.

As you can see, the online picture framing websites not only offer a variety of options when it comes to framing a picture but they also act as a one-stop-shop for getting your favorite picture printed, framed and shipped.

Other Picture Framing Options 

You can also find services that provide completely digital photo frames that display your favorite pictures on an LCD screen. At first glance, they might look like a traditional photo frame but you can customize the slideshow speed and rotate the displayed pictures as per your needs. These digital frames can be used by both young and old people alike as they are incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is plug them in and push a button.

There is a myriad of options out there today. Some might offer simple solutions to your framing needs whereas others will have more elaborate ways to help you show off your favorite pictures and artworks. All you have to do is go online and browse through some of the options out there. You will find what you need and more in no time at all! Embrace the future of framing pictures.

You’ll want to frame whatever you buy. Any good framers will be able to show you a vast range of different solutions and advise on what might be the most suitable given the work and its proposed location.

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