Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Safe (60 minutes fire protection)

best suitable gun safe

The markets are flooded with gun safes but finding one that is both optimally safe, practical and not heavy on your pockets is like finding a needle in a haystack. A good secure gun safe can easily cost you an upwards of $2000.

However, If you’re not looking to go all out on spending a fortune on a gun safe and later regretting it. The best suitable gun safe for you is the Steelwater’s standard duty 16 long gun safe. Not is it relatively cheaper but in under, $1000 range it is also a bang for your buck.

Before we begin with just how magical the Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Safe is, let’s ponder upon;

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Why need a gun safe?

While the world has become a much safer place today, one can never be so sure. Precaution is better than cure hence it has become vital to carry or keep a legal arm in case of an armed assault, burglary or an attack. Possessing a weapon has avoided thousands of such incidents. Similarly, having safe storage for these weapons is also crucial so that they don’t fall in the hands of children or burglars. This is why investing in a secure gun safe is highly important.

Why choose Steelwater standard duty 16 long guns safe?

If you’re a gun enthusiast, you must be very well aware with the American company Steelwater. They have a huge following amongst the gun owners and produce some of the best gun safes. So no matter how many guns you’re looking to store, being the top-selling gun safe manufacturer, Steelwater has you covered.

But why Steelwater standard duty 16 you might wonder? For starters, the price point is a huge bonus. At just $800 (price may be different on different websites) you just can’t do any better. Secondly, at this price point, the security and the features that Steelwater standard duty 16 provides are unparalleled. For a perspective, it is immune to fire for 60 minutes. God forbid in case of fire, your valuable weaponry will stay unharmed. This added protection in case of fire makes it the best suitable gun safe under the range of a $1000.

There is a huge debate amongst gun safe owners whether digital security locks are safer or mechanical security locks are safer. Steelwater provides a unique solution to this. What is better than 1 security lock option? 2. That’s right, the Steelwater standard duty 16 long gun safe comes with both a mechanical and a digital lock that is EMP proof. So in case if one lock option doesn’t fancy you, you always have an option.

Moreover, the interior of the safe is fitted with LEDs and lined with soft carpet that protects your weapons against scratches. That’s not all, the foremost selling point that sets Steelwater standard duty 16 apart from other safes is the 14 gauge steel body which is almost impenetrable.

Some other features of the Steelwater standard duty 16 long gun Safe

  • Thick body and door are resistant to drilling.
  • Expandable door seal that keeps water and smoke from entering the safe. In case of fire, the seal expands making the safe fire resistant.
  • 14 gauge steel body with a 5″ thick door.
  • 60-minute fire protection at temperatures nearly 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Nearly 10 thicker and longer bolts provide extra protection to the safe.
  • Drilled holes that allow the safe to be stuck on the floor.
  • Door organizer kit.

With such top-notch features under $1000, it is clear to say that the Steelwater standard duty 16 is the best suitable gun safe for you.


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