Stranger Things Season 4: Let’s talk about the problem with Winona Ryder

Stranger Things Season 4

Strange Things is the famous Netflix series. Recently we got the news that filming for the next season will start soon. Netflix always wants to excite their fans, so want to release as quickly as possible.

Season 3 has ended, and writers want plenty of stories to tell. As all you know kids are growing fast so maybe the next season four of stranger things beyond the ’80s in the upcoming season.

The third season took place in 1985, and now we don’t know where the next will start. The season is very fantastic and hilarious, that needs to be explained.  Ryder’s Lucas will play the role of Joyce Byers in Netflix series and made her Hollywood debut in 1986 n Lucas.

Let’s I explain the Stranger Things season 4. in the fourth season, she was only, however, the performance will be amazing. According to spoilers in  80’s kids, Joyce’ son and his friends will include. This series loves to make pop culture references.

So the question is that what will happen when kids realize that Ryder seems similar to Joyce. Well, there are also many spoilers about the connection between Winona and Joyce. It is the doppelgangers that exist in real life.

Series will explain it but as this has happened already if you remembered this type of paradox in a different universe which is marvel’s MCU.

Mashable pointed out these things to executive producer of stranger things Shawn Levy, but he said the real-life Winona has anything to do with the upside-down. Well, we want the show quickly.


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