The 3 Best Ways to Convert Youtube to MP3? Best Converters Options

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Many times, you like a Youtube song and want to convert it into an MP3 format just to add this song in your phone’s music library. If this is what you want then today I will tell you how to convert Youtube to MP3 file. You can get all the audio stored in MP3 format after the conversion. You can simply keep the audio in your music library or create a ringtone from it; the choice is completely yours.

How to Convert Youtube to MP3?

In order to do this conversion, you need a Youtube to MP3 converter. When you search this particular tool on the web, then you get tons of options in a matter of second. However, there is a problem that every converter is not a good option. Some are slow while others don’t offer the desired output you are looking for. So, what to do? No need to feel panic. I’m going to share details of 3 Best Youtube to MP3 Converters which you can use to get an MP3 file from a Youtube video. So, let’s start getting to know the best options.


  • GenYoutube


It is the most effective tool which let you extract audio from a Youtube video. You can use this tool in three different ways.

Method 1: Go to GenYoutube site and then paste the Youtube video URL in the given bar. Once the video appears, choose MP3 File downloading option and you are all done.

Method 2: Open GenYoutube and search for a video you want to convert into an MP3.  When the video appears in search, click on it and download its MP3 format.

Method 3: Go to Youtube and then edit your URL by adding gen word.  If a URL is…. Then what you have to do is to change is as… As you reach on the download page for that video, choose the MP3 audio format from the available option and you will get an MP3 file.

Good thing is that you can convert a Youtube video not only to MP3 file but also to other audio/video formats such as 3GP, MP4, M4A, and WebM. But this support will depend on the youtube video.


  • MediaHuman Youtube to MP3 Converter


When you want to extract the audio of multiple Youtube videos then you need a software for this purpose. Media Human Youtube to MP3 converter seems like the best option in this case. This tool is good for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.

Since it is a full-fledged software, therefore, it brings many special features for you. Playlist downloading option is one of my favorite features. When you use this feature then all the videos in your Playlist get converted into MP3 files, so you can fill your music library with these songs. Even when the software detects any new video in the playlist, it automatically converts it and brings a ready to play an MP3 file on your device.

If you are using this tool in your iPhone and iPad then you can make the most from iTunes importuning.  Now all youtube videos will convert into MP3 and these MP3 files will load automatically in iTunes. Other great features are batch downloads, multi-link importing, custom bitrate settings, auto shutdown option when all files are downloaded, download MP3 from other websites, title renaming and much more.


  • Documents iPhone Application


It is not easy to convert Youtube video to MP3 format for an iPhone as direct downloading of music and audio files are not simple on this device. So, what you can do is to use this application. Follow some steps and get your favorite Mp3 file directly on your iPhone storage.

Step No.1 Install Readdle’s free document App on your iPhone.

Step No.2 open document application and find a small web browser available on the bottom corner

Step No.3 Open GenYoutube and search the Youtube video you want to convert in the MP3

Step No.4 On the video download page, scroll down and choose the MP3 option.

Step No.5 When you pick this option, then you will be asked to type a name for the MP3 and select a folder where you want to save the file.

Step No.6 Click on Save option and mp3 file would start downloading on your device.

Step No.7  Now go to the folder where you save the file and start playing your MP3 audio file.

When you want to save MP3 files directly to your iPhone then you can also consider using Offline Files & Web Browsers. It is another iPhone youtube audio downloader which you can also try instead of Documents application.

Wrap Up

Finally, you know how to convert Youtube to MP3 file on your android smartphone, Windows and iOS devices. It would be fun converting videos to mp3 files and creating your favorite music collection. What do you say?


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