The 4 Best No-Gi BJJ Chokes & Submissions for Grapplers

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Unlike other types of martial arts sports Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is one of those sports that have many disciplines. The most famous being gi-BJJ and no-gi BJJ. And one of the major problems that are faced by the athletes who practice this art of combat sports is to grasp the knowledge of the no-gi form of BJJ. The reason being that both of these forms have a different set of rules and different types of techniques and grappling styles.

No-Gi BJJ Chokes is a wrestling-centric style in which grabbing the clothing items of the opponent is strictly prohibited as the techniques used are specifically designed to grapple the challenger by using body parts and also that the uniform requirements of both of these fighting types are different. After learning the gi form of this fighting art those of you who would like to study and master the no-gi form while learning the most effective techniques.

Here are the top 4 no-gi BJJ chokes and submission stances that you can learn to up your game and increase your chances of winning in your training classes.

The rear-naked choke

It is one of the most famous and widely used submissions not only in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but also in other martial arts forms like mixed martial arts (MMA), wrestling, and so on. The popularity of this choke or submission technique is due to the fact that it can turn your opponent’s lights out in a hurry and can help you score a quick victory.

This type of choke involves placing yourself in the backside of your opponent and strategically place your arms around their neck and pulling your arms together. The pressure exerted by the arms disturbs the oxygen supply to the opponent’s brain and result in them falling unconscious. It can take a lot of practice to effectively master this stance so make sure you get a lot of practice before actually using it in a match.

Straight Guillitone

The second most effective submission without-a-gi choke on our list is the straight Guillitone that is also known as ‘the arm-in guillotine’. There are different variations in this type of choke but the most famous include the one in which you use your legs and arms to grapple the neck of your challenger, while in the other you use your arms to lock the challenger’s neck and use your legs to hold down the lower body of your competitor.

Similarly in another variation of this No-Gi BJJ Chokes, known as the ‘high elbow guillotine’ you do not use your legs to grapple the challenger instead you use only your arms and elbows to lock your opponent’s neck and cut down their breathing so they can pass out.

The arm triangle

This is one of the most notorious types of submission techniques athletes all over the globe swears by. This no-gi grappling stance is one of the most difficult submissions to escape from. But also one of the hardest submissions to learn, master, and implement.

This technique can also bring down the challengers that may be larger in size and stronger in strength as compared to you. But once implemented effectively escaping becoming very hard even for the big-sized players. This choke is applied by using your arms in such a way that your one arm should be behind the fighter’s neck and the other arm should hold one arm of the opposition over your shoulder while you strangle and force them to submit.

The anaconda choke

It is exactly as it sounds like. In this submission stance, you literally mimic the strangling behavior of the anaconda snake. But instead of wrapping your whole body around the other fighter’s body, you stretch out your arms and grab your opponent’s neck from underneath while grabbing one of their arms from underneath the shoulder that is somewhat similar to the arm triangle submission lock.

There you have it, the 4 most effective no-gi chokes and submission stances that can up your grappling game in no time. Where practicing these techniques is important there is another aspect that is equally of more importance as compared to practicing these stances, and that is of wearing proper attire.

Without wearing proper attire items you will not be able to participate in the classes and will not be able to reach your fullest potential. To effectively study the no-gi art we suggest you use Elite Sports no-gi BJJ shorts and Elite Sports no-gi BJJ rash guards attire items to enhance your performance and flexibility in your training classes.


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